Minggu, 31 Juli 2016

❤ EASY PUPPY DOG Nail Art! ❤

I did a cat one a while back so now it's time to try out a dog version as you can see two of my nails broke this week so today i'll be doing nail art on shorter nails and usual the colors i use for this look are white and black along with a light in the dark brown and an orchid color for the litter accent I layer in metallic gold in a gold glitter and for the dog details i use to black and white nail art nail polishes as for the tools i use a thin synthetic brush to create the dog's nose and mouth and dotting tools for the paw prints and eyes base coat and topcoat were used to prep and seal the design first apply base coat to all of your nails for the thumb and pinky and painting two layers of an orchid nail polish and this one is actually textured but I smooth it out with topcoat later on as an easy accent without using studs are rhinestones i'm adding a couple white dots with white nail polish and a dotting tool next up we have the index finger and for this one.

I added two coats of white nail polish for full opacity to make conference i'm adding some large black dots and I'm spacing them out so we have room to add the little toes next I'm adding three smaller dots along the big ones to complete the paw prints if you don't have dying tools on hand use a bobby pin and toothpicks instead to fill in the empty spaces i added a few extra dots for the middle nail let's start off the puppy dog face with brown nail polish round out the top of the head like so for the bottom of the face.

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I'm taking white nail polish and i'm adding a smaller semi-circle - a deer's use a thin synthetic brush or toothpick dipped in dark brown nail polish and add two thin stripes on each side next let's emphasize the muscle area of the face with a white nail art polish adding a vertical stripe will make the face appear longer and less like a bear now let's make some eyes by adding two large black dots then add some light reflection to the eyes with two smaller white dots let's been shot the puppy dog face with a nose and mouth using a black striping polish for the nose i'm adding two lines to make a V shape and then filling it in to make a triangle add a short vertical line underneath the nose then a horizontal line to finish off the mouth but the glitter accent nail i'm laying down a layer of metallic gold nail polish next I'm adding a coat of glitter nail polish and this one is quite chunky so I'm putting the brush down instead of swiping it so the big litter chunks don't get wiped off this dog gets a treat and we're making a bone for him by adding four large white dots connect the dots in the middle and the bones done now just add some top coat and your dog nails are finished yeah