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5 Easy Nail Art Designs for SHORT NAILS

Nail Art Designs 2016 . well hollow everyone it's me Christine again and today is the day where i live up to a promise that I made almost a month ago last month that gave you some ideas for short nails hollow sexual part 1 but at the same time when I filmed them i also filmed around two so it's your lucky day especially for those who have yet to discover their hollow sexuality so why don't you grab a snack mix yourself a Shirley Temple subscribe to my channel before you forget and maybe grab some hollow and paint your nails will you settle in 45 potentially easy nail art designs for short nails hollow sexuals if you're really new here and you don't know what the hell I've been saying so far hollow means holographic it just means rainbows that shift different colors and different legs it is love it is like live breathe hollow ok so brief backstory a while ago.

I broke my nail in a tragic workplace accident when I was forced to file them down and make them all the same size but that's okay no worries short nail people can have equally amazing nail arts as long as people it's all about equality first step let's do this really easy heart cyclone design with a nice pink color glitter underneath yes that baby pink hollow glitter is my cats nail polish shameless kidding self-promotion right.

Now I'm just sponging on the hollow glitter with a makeup sponge to make it more opaque when i'm done i had a nice thick coat of quick-dry glossy taco that's top coat for those who don't speak simply no logic list yet and let it dry for a good 15 to 20 minutes because we're gonna add now by knows next one of the easiest ways to do nail art for long or short nails is to use nail vinyls like these i'm using some super cute many hearts cyclone vinyls i put the link below in the video description box and they actually come in two different sizes so i'm using the slightly smaller size because i have smaller nails right now you can do the same thing with my cat head vinyls then she made those 2-star vinyls also come in different sizes as do circular-shaped cyclone vinyls there are so many possibilities of now finals honestly like why bother freehanding with these great inventions all you gotta do is press it firmly down on the nail and then paint on your second color the number one question I get when I'm doing this is are you supposed to let the nail polish dry before you peel up the fun and the answer is no god no do not let that happen in order to get a clean fresh edge of the design you gotta peel up the vinyl well the nail polish is still wet so don't waste any time after painting on the nail polish peel up that shit right away and pro tip the cyclone vinyls are my favorite ones to peel off add a glossy taco to seal everything in and also smooth out the different layers of nail polish you got going on and there you go beautiful Hollow has my heart how fitting the next design is super easy it does not involve nail finals and it's called the waterfall design i'm starting off with one coat of my current favorite black friend polish it's a one coat wonder it is amazing i put the link below for this polish as well as every other polish i'm using this video down below in the video description box so basically for this define you just take a bunch of different random assorted colors that you think look good together I'm putting mine on yo girl it take a very thin striping nail art brush and then you're going to start striping each color one by one in very thin line starting at the cuticle and just bleeding a little bit up so that way it kind of looks like waterfall and i'm pretty sure that the waterfall concept and name was coined by the nail a source she's a nail art blogger maybe three or four years ago or maybe more I'm not sure you can go back and brighten up some of the colors if you feel like you need to and for anyone asking i clean my brushes in between each color using straight acetone and I rinse it off with water well that's a lie i don't always rinse it off with water i'm lazy but you should yeah you should do it properly the next design is one of my personal favorites because it's so simple to do but it looks cool as some of my super long time hollow sexual they recognize this design from almost a year and a half ago first i'm just applying a white creme polish to use of the base color you could use any color for any of these designs of course substitute as you wish next I'm adding a quick dry glossy taco which is key because we're gonna let that dry and we're gonna add now finals next yeah so much nostalgia in this video next we're going to use some long pointy triangle nail finals and the shape of these does matter you can't just use stripe now vinyls you'll see why if you put down three beside each other and then pull out the middle one push them down so they're stuck firmly on the nail you've got three triangles that are the exact same size take whatever color hollow you want it's gotta be hollow am i right still in the middle triangle and the spots around the side of the mail heel off those vinyls right away don't waste time now peel them right away Lucy how did that happen no worry clean up brush with a tiny bit of acetone to the rescue.
And on the sides of my nail because yes i was hard to put nail polish there and not getting your cuticle ok now you're going to add another glossy taco on top of this because we got to let this dry and put nail vinyls on again now we're taking the exact same size and shape triangle nail finals putting them on top of the white spots oh there's a mentee hair press them down firmly on the nail because now we're going to sponge on some iridescent color shift in unicorn skin flakies this is why unicorns have gone extinct okay because we skinned them all in the name of nail polish i'm using a makeup sponge just like i did with the glitter to sponge on the flaky so that i get more flakies on top of my nail polish give me all the skins I want all of Charlie skins when you're done peel off the nail vinyls for the last time pushover any flakies if you need to and that's it add a nice thick coat of glossy taco again to steal it all in am your nails look fangirl next step we're going to do a cute little peekaboo hollow glitter but with a flag kind of symbol on it and I don't know what country's flag is this i'm jealous for using one of my favorite aqua blue holographic glitter polishes putting out a sponge to get the most out of it yeah spending it on my pinky for maximum glitter pay off then I'm going to add a quick dry glossy taco let dry because i can't can you guess what i'm going to do next let me hear you say it out loud you set it in your head didn't you i'm just using some skinny stripes now vinyls to kind of make an X pattern or a plus sign depends on how you look at it and I'm using some crème polishes to fill in opposing sides of whatever pattern this is because i don't know if that the contrast of crème vs hollow with cool peel up the nail vinyls well the nail polish is still wet and do any cleanup if necessary then seal it and finish it off with another glossy taco and you're done and last but not least well maybe least he'll know if I really like this you guys like this is a distressed holographic foil look on my thumbnail how about my youtube thumbnail my actual thumbnail i started off with a base of aqua teal linear hollow it is my life.

I want to go swimming in it and I got some really cool rainbow holographic foil so we're going to play with that get any foil glue though if you want to start playing with nail foils you can usually buy it at the same place that you get the nail foils I put a link down below for both those using just a little bit of foil glue on the brush I'm doing kind of a distressed drybrushing pattern you only need to let it dry for maybe a minute don't let her wait too long it just needs to be a bit tacky then press the foil directly on top of the nail and lift it up quickly and you can do it multiple times on different spots of the nail to get kind of a more distressed look going on the only downside though to using metallic foils is that you can't put a quick dry glossy taco on top so i have to use a water-based topcoats on top of this which are much harder to come by which aren't shiny and which definitely do not dry as quick and there we have it 5 pretty damn awesome if I do say so myself nail art design ideas for short nails Allah sexual i definitely love seeing your guys's be creation so if you do one of these designs don't forget to tag me on twitter so i can see or if you're more of an Instagram kind of person and you make video tutorials on there you can use my Instagram feature account hashtag that's simply not logical because I go through those hashtags and share other people's awesome videos I know my nails may not be bad short for the definition of short nails but i really feel these designs can be done on any length including shorter than mine are currently in this video well guys are you seeing that you seeing the hollow oil reflection in my eyes I mean my nails I mean what alright guys if you're new here and you're really like the hollow you're seeing on this channel so far then you should subscribe right now and join the hollow sexual kingdom i also have a very special announcement

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How to Polish Nails Professionally

Nail Art Designs . the next few minutes are going to be all about the college there are oodles of polishes to choose from cream frost and super frosty cream is harder to put on frost as much easier and much more forgiving and super frosty like chrome is really tough so whatever publish types you choose the nail plate has to be prepared properly push the cuticles back with the cuticle stick then make sure that you remove all the moisture all oil all dust don't leave any trace of any of that so the nail plate is ready clean and smooth ready for a very smooth polished application going to start with a cream application always do two coats to ensure the color is the way it appears in the bottle nice.

And strong good pigment nail polish dries as you polish so the fewer strokes the better now you've gotten the true color of what was in the bottle summer so pigmented you can do with one code be really effective to you can do the ends it's a very finished and professional look ok once you've got both coats on both hands you can do one right after the other you need to top coat it a quick little tip if you do get a little bit of polish on your cuticle you can just take a little brush even a paint brush dip it in some polish remover and just wipe it around the side and we'll take off any type of thing.

You get on the skin that'll make it look really professional top coats that's what helps it dry one of the best top coats in the world out the door this stuff dries really fast another way to dry polish is to put it under cold water it doesn't make it dint proof but it does make it a bit smudge proof but that's really effective don't put it under lamps sitting under a lamp under table says one of the bottle no heat that will just keep attacking for longer so cold water and a great top code.

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And for a little extra design you can throw in some sparkles and give any one of these designs a whole new look so here's a quick meet polish application you can do it's really effective look I take the chrome and paint the first coat yeah choosing two different polish colors changes the look completely polish there's a color for every mood and every occasion you make a boot just fix it with remover have fun

Fix Short Bitten Nails with Acrylic

Nail Art Designs . I started doing videos everyone's always requested me to do nails that are bitten short nails so that's what I'm going to do today on my friend read his nails are disgusting which is great for ice is bad for him but we're gonna get these babies all fixed up let's get started so with these nails the first thing we want to do is push back the cuticles we want as much nail as possible to be revealed to put the acrylic on so it can get here I call it nail estate it's like real estate right but it's on the nail so the cookies for little things have you ever pushed his background 19:19 oh yes okay that's a start ok so when you push them back wow I'm really let me know if it hurts sooo that's the thing about al Leiter's it doesn't take hold you right now but he was alive I'm so sorry well look at all that excess cuticle now that we just really don't want on there honestly if we put the product right on top of there without doing this all this will lift around here so we do want to remove as much of this as possible but you can see look at all that dead cuticle so we're gonna have to cut that all the way out if it hurts just grin and bear it.

I got a job to do okay this one's not so bad you must choose this way before you got here you go sir does that hurt yeah that Franco heat second it's not it's i can remember this is what they want now butters are usually really tough because they like there's you know the time top and a little bit of a baby that's a perfect word for me propriate were tough on over all that notices the way that one is really bad grandpa this is like that you're writing finger no I just gotta know that those ones generally have like the best snails to fight like we're talking about male estate that tested you just go to town and that is going to be so now my nails is a sign of a professional did you know that scene sounds about right you got some problems it's just a little excess this time to really push this back is when you get out of the shower if you care you know i'm just going to tell you right now I'm not going to do that but.

I fire I admire your optimism here at this let's go Thank You least you're honest okay so this is going to be the best grant snails have ever looked apparently not going to prison that now again it's only really optimum when you're trying to get as much nailed the state as possible and that's what we were able to accomplish with that look at that there's much more nail the more nail for the acrylic to hang on to the more like they're going to hang on there's not too much cut back on this one and you don't you just come back the dead stuff you don't want to get too crazy and cut back too far cuticles very important part of our nail i've got a video on this actually check that everyone totally get a preparation of the natural nail so once I've done this I'm now going to buff and press the natural nail acrylic ok so now i'm going to buff the surface of grants now I'm going to put this drill a really really low speed and i'm using the arbor man these are bands are really really really soft yeah I'm going to buff the surface of his natural name see such as fuck if you do i give you ever had this done in court I recruited grant because I knew he bit his nails and I knew he'd be perfect for this okay so that's all i'm doing is just gently buffing the surface of the National we will have a drill you can use a file about 150 180 180 crypto be better you just want to love every little bit of that natural nail yeah don't go around this a little bit of drill drilling techniques don't going on this angle what you want to go more of a flattering angle you don't want to dig in tip like that you want to go more flattered.

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I will you both hands for you so you're not walking out of here with one hand they'll still let out it was right it might be a new look though we don't know what you mean i like it i'm teaching students stuff a lot of my students will go like this and wipe away don't do that are you taking the oils from your hand and putting it back onto the nail plate and we don't want to do that we want to keep it really very loyal free ok tickle no I just didn't know that when you mention is it was just interesting i just didn't know that every I'm gonna you know i'm giving you free info here and pretend they all ready yeah Oh sparkles in here you don't mind sparkle to do ok now we're going to put the prep on i'm actually using a new line i found in vegas it's max Estrada's email couture line and it's not only adorably packaged but it's quite a nice line so I'm going to be using that today I'm just going to put the prep on gently and this is just for the ph balance and to remove any dust and to cleanse the nail so that's really an important step when that line that you're using the system acrylic system has that it is advisable to use it because they are meant to be working together and this is the primer first I've seen a primer in a bottle that's clear usually it's like a brown and ask him why he did that must be a very very gentle primer and i'm just going to gently painted on each and every no i'm not going to charge you extra for this glitter all thank you some next on the house today one dip of the brush in here doesn't it yeah ok so the trick in this really is all about the form forming these is the trick if you mess this up it really could be a disaster so we're gonna walk through this i'm using Max's forms the adorable look at all this pink going on and they're actually cut for the problem of to the little ears cut in there like that he's actually designed it where he's got this in there so that can help situations like this so I'll show you what.

I'm talking about hope they can explain this when you sit a forum on top of let's say the worst one here is this the thumb is actually really good these fingers that the worst to do not much on that one not as much you just much on maybe these 10 favorites yeah better better nail straight take a turn yeah I do okay fuck it the tough thing about doing nails that are super super short it's not so much here that is the problem if you can see how the skin to exaggerate a little bit if I can bring the skin up over you see how it kind of does that the nails actually let press down inside of it it's not exposed as much of a poll to pull back the finger it exposes the nail a little bit more but it's really really tough because the nail is down the sides and the sides are so important because the side needs to come out but it's really hard when the finger is kind of holding over like that so my natural instincts I want to form it like here which looks odd of course when you're used to forming right up to the free edge but this feels better because when.

I join this area to the free edge it's going to flow fluently and the forum is down but unfortunately you don't really want to take these products and put them over top of the skin which makes this problem even harder that you can do it and it's only a one time deal you can do it but it's not really technically correct so you don't want to put the product on top of the skin because this the product will still care about 48 hours so you don't want to actually sitting on top of the skin it's a natural place to want to put it but technically we're not supposed to do that so you do want to keep the form in between the product in the skin so the best way to do that is to get a pair of scissors and just sort of custom cut your form so it fits the person's finger a little bit better so in this case I'm going to cut out this area here i'm going to match it up and see if it is happier see that's a little bit better see how is right up against now it can be a little harder to get it out - so a little trick I'm going to do is take a little bit of powder maybe because what I'm going to have to do is wriggle this form out of there but if it's a sticky side down on grants finger then it might be harder to get it out so I'm just going to take a little bit of powder just to make it

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Three Nail Art Designs To Match A Gown

Nail Art Designs . hi it's susie from nail for education today we're gonna do something a little different Holly one of my subscribers is going to evolve and she sent me a picture for dress and wants to know what designs Michael with it so today we're going to do a few of those let's get started so as you can see her dress is a burgundy so I'm gonna go do some light designs and some dark designs in an actual burgundy design it's hard when you get pictures because you can't pinpoint the color exactly so from what i can see in the picture I'm going to pick this beautiful maroon burgundy color to sort of simulate a sort of match the dress's best I can so I'm going to paint all the nails and try to do a design that looks really classy if you want to learn some tips on how to polish emails i do have a how to polish unions professional video just click on that and we're going to do one hand to show you what the design what you're playing for ok i just applied two coats of the burgundy which is the color of matching of the dress and just to do something a little bit different but still keep it classic I'm going to French the ring finger we often do the ring finger just like an accent finger.

I'm just going to French it with this really dark espresso yeah take a couple of codes okay well that's drawing the first coat and take a little bit of top coat and i just put the top coat on my table or on a piece of paper or anything like that and put a DAB there so i can use it to pick up my little diamonds I'm going to place one phase the cuticle you want to press into wet polish the thumb and then when you're done you can give it a good top coat that will help protect the jewel and again after you put the top coat on you in a few minutes and then you can run it under cold water to help set any class just like her dress so that design was classic this design is gonna be a little more trendy with the pastel colors so stick with the cool tones the blue Pink's to go with the burgundy.

You don't want to go orange this color is really difficult to put on going to really commit to it and try to not mess with it too much it can get really we should get washed the polish on the brush really commit with this color code is a must I'm going to get a little crazy with the blame that dress is classic and it's got a lot of bling on it so I'm going to try to mimic a little bit of the design that she has on there just bear with me while I put a whole bunch of later on I'm just gonna grab some more little ones just feeling signs they're just need some sleep with that it the Polish isn't just put another coat of clear on the rules come to the little so i'm going to put another one right next to it so you can see it to talk about mom a little bit just seal them in there so they last for her yet just replace the top coat around them go right over top of them just to try to smooth it out a little too okay one final top coat at that drive she's good to go let's check out the reveal.

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So it depends on Holly's taste as to what style she lights and yours as you watch you can see what designer suit you now i'm going to do a very simple design with a coat of glitter on top I'm going to do two coats of nude I love nude polish it's so classic nude goes with everything and it's great too because when Holly's finished her ball the next day you go with whatever she's learning to where is pink with the big diamonds on it might not go as much with whatever she's wearing the next day but noodles with everything again just a little wave in between and i'm going to start right away make sure you got enough on your brush and drag it and pull it you want a lie that polish across they have got my two coats nude and now I shaken vigorously this bottle of glitter love this stuff this is out the door is glitter it i'm just going to put a gentle coat on times quite pretty what classes you can put two coats on it if you want more density and you can even add some jewels if you want a little more

Halloween Spider Nails - Nail Polish Stamp

Nail Art Designs . have you ever used stamps it's susie from the other education and that's what we're going to do today spiders let's get started so you can do stamps on gel polish or nail polish this is actually cynical gel polish by M and I've already cured it and we're ready to go with it if you're using polish just make sure it's dry before you step it with stamps it doesn't have to be totally dry but you don't want to dent it's gonna be dead proof ok so I find the best colors i use a lot of black and white I think it's because it's very pigmented heavy so you can really see it when you put it on the mail you use other colors not quite as pigmented so they're not quite as strong thicker polish is better than regular polish really this is konad it is a bit thicker they say not to use regular polish because it's not as thick and it's true it doesn't really work but if you've got an old bottle kicking around its kind of thickening up a little that might work so you just give these guys a shape you can roll if you want backup for the shake it.

And I thought to stamping pads and we're going to use this one to one it's got a spider on it and some skulls I was going to go with the spiders today I'm using a dark charcoal gray i'm going to use black spiders and white spiders the black might not show up quite as good but i think it would be creepy enough to actually be there but we'll see let's check it out so you have to have your Stamper yeah I call it a Stamper I don't know what the technical term is but it puts the design on their Stanford this is kind of your tool that scrape Ragus scraper and scrape the paint way up to put it on your design and that's we're going to do it so we're going to start with a black it's very messy heads up I'm going to paint just a little bit of polish on the black spider you want to get in the grooves that's the idea in the stamping want to scrape the design off you're scraping the excess paint away and get your little pick up to press it into it and pick up the design and picked up my little spider got it.

Looks creepy even on the two but I don't like spiders and then you just literally roll it on your design oh yeah you can see that enough that looks good and creepy enough i'll do a white one else you can really see it but that actually picked up quick do it to the naked eye a client will really see it that's very cute ok so let's do the white polish can really see it not really press in so you pick up your design area it's kind of creepy I'm going to do another one like they're all bunched crawling all over there I like that especially when you stamp it down you do it like it's going in a different direction so just look at the same repetitive stamp all over the nail that's cute that is creepy spiders mean I'm not going to make a pad out of them i don't kill them or anything I put them outside that they are still creepy cute ok get a couple black ones in there because they still want that kind of creepy if I think you put some on top of each other i think that would look kind of creepy - yeah oh yeah it's cute I like that so i'm going to go ahead and do all the rest of the fingers another clean this with the acetone on the end and I clean every time.

I clean the plate with acetone and i scrape off the paint off the scraper sometimes the legs don't get quite all there only because it's Halloween you can get away with it because it looks great with maybe a spider with having broken legs see here to do on a client you've got two hands to do ones but again this is a great application to put end of the mail service with a client it's awesome because it doesn't take long to do topcoder and off she goes don't forget to top coat though as it can we're really quickly you don't top code i find i do Prescott hard to get the spider to actually get on to your little tool just the pinky yeah stabbing is super fun and you get so many different looks even with just like one standing pad when they can be a little frustrating when you first doing it some stamping pads are not deep enough groups they don't hold the paint very well and its really frustrating because one will work in one wall you can I don't know why that might be why or your paint is really old and it's just not working but once you get it you get the right one it just is so much fun so quick clients love it anyway thanks for watching and have fun

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Roses - Calligraphy Pen and Ink Nail Art

Nail Art Designs . I wanted to do something very classic and very traditional and I thought roses are very classic and weddings are very traditional so we're going to do little rosebuds for weddings and our probs let's get started I found this really beautiful polish in the store the other day so I've already put that on here and it's already dried and that's the key to this because we are going to use a calligraphy pen and don't be intimidated by them they're actually really easy to use they're not like you have to have that scrolling writing you don't have to take it you know course to use we're just using it to draw some small lines just like you would a paintbrush or a pin.

So I've got some white ink is also airbrushing and it's really thin you don't want to use the acrylic like the craft paints you can use those projected makes it was quite a bit of water but i find picking up these things is just as easy so I got a little eyedropper the color i have is just too strong so I'm going to just mix a little bit of color to make my rosebuds and the lead so I'm going to just put a little bit of pink in one of these dishes and a little bit of green other to make soft let me just grab a little bit of this just a drop that just to drop and I've got a little stick and i'm just going to mix it up and see how much clean up got none of that that's really pretty that's actually going to work I hope you can see that color that's perfect.

And if I messed up and put too much green you can always add some more white in there just to mix it up with them so that looks good we'll use that and then for my playbook you can make pink right just get a little bit of the eyedropper just to drop as we see what the green did just going to do a drop and mix this up and see how much pinky gives me mm that's pretty nice I really want to do this very very soft but I still won't be able to see it I think I'll see it on that but i'm going to add just a sec just a little bit more just what drops off the glass did you squeeze it a little i needed so make sure those it makes it really good because you going to dip the clear pen in there together the paint inside the pen so you want to be mixed really well so just grab that trusty old calligraphy pen here is the 1 i'm going to use they're just going to be kind of random all over now you can do a bunch of rosebud and i'll show you how to do them and I'm gonna going to be placed all different angles and stuff because if they're all lined up together they don't look as good they're almost like in two halves so to draw the one half and the one leaf on the other and then there's a little rose sticking up so two of them and different angles given that rosebud shape so like the bottom of a heart all right now just kind of looks like lots of pink if you ask me it's that time the green stem already bringing together sometimes I kind of do them like this come off like a the wallpaper or ii i'm in sheet and then i'm going to get the green and I'm going to make a little stem and the little you know where it sits you know there's like little boutonnieres that you would see on a a groom for groomsmen they have them sticking in there little appelles there's some cute that's basically what this is you have to make sure your polish is very dry for this does not want to go on their sticky any clean every now and then they tip of the pen my kelly dried out it's meant to flow constantly through there so it does that just clean it off and then we'll just keep going you know a little bit near stems in there you can let that dry a little bit now I've got the white here still I'm gonna just bring it into here and i'm going to dip just a little bit and just add a little bit of highlight but if you do stick on the one side don't do your highlight everywhere i think i'm going to just a second balance to do the other fingers just on here it's hard to hold your hand that steady in midair so again.

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I just have to do it like the bottom half of the heart and color it in and then do that little rose part sticking up this is very very soft it was going for a very very soft look so I'm going to keep going and doing the whole hand and then i'm going to top coat and I might even add some bling somewhere I haven't decided yet I'll continue to do these and I'll see you in a sec you wait - they're totally dry so you don't smear it when you put the top coat on so I'm going to put a top coat on it and i think i'm going to put my sparkly stuff the Northern Lights sparkly stuff just on the ring finger because I don't know if I'm totally convinced I want it on every finger but i do want it on the ring finger so let's see what that looks like oh it's really quite cute and I'm going to clear top coat the rest like I say just make sure it's nice and dry because if you smear it all that's a lot of work to just smear the women patient me the trip for top coating is already polished that matters to make sure there's a lot on your brush because it's like it's hovering across you don't want the brush to really pull across that polish in any way isn't that cute how classic and traditional is this well that truly is classic and traditional it's very dainty very old-fashioned quite like that I did do some 3d roses for a wedding actually they're called 3d acrylic roses they're much more detailed than this not as hard as you might think try it check it out it's actually going to continue

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Mother's Day Nail Art - Pro Tips: Gel Polish and Calligraphy Pen

Nail Art Designs .I've got some beautiful vibrant gel colors today I'm going to combine with the sheer and we're going to write some messages on your name let's get it yeah so I think one of the best ways to be able to write initials or words on the nails is to use a gel polish first if you use polish you have to wait till it dries and that can take a while if you use gel polish it's dried instantly one of the things I don't like about gel polishes can be thick so finding a really thin one and applying it thin is to your best advantage it looks most natural and it looks like polish which is hard to do with gel polish I have found that ugly duckling is about to be released and I've got a sneak peek on how to use it and what some of the colors are gel polish is very different than the nail polish when you put nail polish on I put it on quite thick.

And in one or two or three strokes that's it job polish is a little more forgiving in that you can put it on quite thin but you can put it on little patches too which is really quite an advantage so this is a color on top you can see the color is very accurate I love being able to have a peek a boo otherwise you're always taking it and flipping upside down and reading and memorizing a number or the name but you can see the color directly.

I open this up and you want to remove when you're polishing remove it off of the post one side completely an office out of the brush as well then on the other side you can remove have it you don't need a lot now what's great about this is like I say was Paula she just sort of one stroke especially a cream color but with gel you can do these kinds of things because it has a little bit of a self-leveling attitude is sort of flows into each stroke that's on the nail and makes a little more even this brush that she's designed on this is actually quite clever i don't know she did this deliberately but it has a bit of a most likely a bit of a u-shape it's not square blunt off the end so it actually fits in the cuticle a little bit easier and a blunt brush there I missed a section so you can't do it like this you could never do that with nail polish it would not be happy at all ok so i'm just going to put a thin coat on all of these you get those little sides so I got a little bit of the cuticle there to take in a cuticle stick and I'm just gonna wipe that right off basic clean you can use your nail but peaches finish polishing you don't want to do that one thing I've noticed about this particular line it's not running at all.

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So I don't feel the need to flash cure really quickly I've done the thumb and look it's not even running that's pretty good all that just saves you a little extra time I often forget to do this but i remembered i'm going to use this lighter paint color as an accent it's kind of a trendy thing we're doing right now instead of doing an accent nail mmm yeah it's pretty too so you can see that's kind of streaking and stuff that's ok second coat will pick that up and if maybe we can always do a third but the trick is thin jealous much happier thin also cures better ok so we'll go and just do the pinky now ok a little bit on that cue to comb my finger take that right off if you care it when that's on there it'll cure to your skin it will stay there forever because the oils of your skin will eventually get rid of it ok so i'm just going to bring it by light and i'm going to hear that this is a 30-second cure in an LED 90 seconds in a UV which is pretty standard sometimes it's nice when you can see there is a fluorescent ok so I've got my base color on two coats and now i'm going to show you this beautiful glittery code I might try to do it a bit of a swoop let's see what it looks like sort of enhances that's pretty try full name soon it looks like on this pink it's very nice we put some on you after whoo yeah you like that when you we have to be on your toes to your are you don't want to see my feet know ok now i'm going to go ahead and clear this and then we'll get to write in the words on here so most gels I think maybe all of them do they have a top layer that after you do it is a bit sticky now we're going to write some words on here and we can't do that if it's sticky so I'm just going to remove that stick with some alcohol and then when you do that gel needs to have it slightly buffed surface so then we're going to just slightly buff it make sure all the sticky stuff is off now we're going to buff it I'm going to get this soft side of a medium file is 180 180 grid and i'm just going to gently I don't want to go through my colors right I'm just going to gently of the surface and I'm going to do the whole thing because even if you just add a section where you going to write you can have to put the clear coat over top of the whole thing you've gotta buff the whole thing right not just a segment and it will take away the shine you don't have a map polish this is one waiter to get the mat look great just buff off the shine or use a matte polish they've got them in gels.

Now is this line has one as well so you just give us like wow now I find I don't clean the surface again with the alcohol because sometimes it leaves a bit of a film like this is a drive off right away and i'm going to start writing on it kind of makes it kind of icky so we don't dumb that's all we have to do that so i think i'm going to use white I've done calligraphy before for you guys and I'm always using black this time we use white especially with this color I want the white to really pop okay I'm gonna grab mine it was this one I like you can pick these up at michaels and not too expensive this is an airbrush think you can use this for a pen ink as well very very liquidy you can't use acrylic paint or anything like that it's got to be this thin thin penning and now i'm just going to write and then I need a brace springs back damaged ship doesn't it we can't see as well on this sparkly stuff you see that I yep it go heart ya could be the cameraman is not enough room to write that in there so I did that can you read that hard then we'll put through the messages from ok so there's a problem sometimes your calligraphy pen will dry up I dip it in my alcohol cleaner whatever you got and then take a little pad and just clean it out clean your friends can be a little bit finicky but just keep it clean and you'll be happy it'll just flow quite nicely going to move these fingers a little bit so I can sign it save time you can get that that cube now nice read it z adorable I'm gonna just put it sometimes you can do too much

Selasa, 02 Agustus 2016

How To: Natural Nail Manicure

Nail Art Designs . i've had many people ask me about how to prepare natural nail how to take care of your natural nails i'm going to show you a few great tips on how to take care of your natural nails let's get started so Katie your natural nails are actually pretty long before i begin any service i have the client wash their hand you just send them to the washing with a little scrub brush and some soap and water and they can wash their head the reason we do that is because if you don't watch their hands when you start working on them all you're going to do is spread all the germs around that they have all over their fingers so by Washington first helps prevent that ok so the first thing i do when i'm doing natural nails is I push the cuticle back so there's two things you can do it with so that's a wooden cuticle pusher and you can also use a metal implement and if you look on the metal instrument at the opposite end is kind of the shape that might just fit right into your cuticl.

If you use a metal implements you just want to be careful because you it's really easy to scrape and scratch the natural nail be pressed too hard it's effective because you can get in there with all this stuff but a wooden cuticle stick is much softer and much more gentle on the natural nail so the first thing i do is I'm going to start pushing now this is a misconception a lot of people call this area around the finger the base and finger the cuticle when in fact it's called be ready now people medium so you can see when you push back the cuticles and the people medium you can see the white stuff so the remaining is that organic sticky stuff that's stuck on the finger that's actually the stickiest tissue on the human body just a little FYI so when you push that back.

You can see to see that white stuff and then some will get the sharp mentally . and is sort of scrape that off a little bit the reason why that's important for it to come off if you don't take it off when you go to do your polish application then it will interfere with the adhesion big time and you don't want that especially when we're doing acrylic or and nail enhancements this has to be removed as well so we can actually make the nail enhancements it here if it's not removed as a good chance you're going to get some lifting which is mad don't want that so sticking to the natural nails this is what we're doing you can start to see it coming off now if you get a good close look at that this is all the dead tissue cuticle is dead tissue it is not live and the reason why that's important the evil Nick IAM right around this base here this is the skin that covers the root of the nail that's important because if that is broken or split or cracked or torn that can allow infection into the rest of the body so we want to make sure that that's all completely intact so if you're taking a pair of sharp nippers like these if you take a pair of these nippers and cut around the people Nick IAM near the old cuticle you just don't want to cut the evil Nick IAM because you don't want to have any contamination into her finger at all the other funny word is the hypo Nicki I'm hoping I'm saying it right I can spell them I just get six pack Nicodemus underneath here and that's the very tender skin it's underneath the finger here and that can be really really super tender that's right under there you got the hypo Nicki in there and the equal Nicki marooned here but we are just simply pushing it all back and revealing this cuticle area and getting rid of all this white stuff what about hangnails who could question kids what happens with hangnails is if you push your cuticles back you will pretty much eliminate emails you know for years I did I started doing acrylic when i started doing this and it was a few years later I realized why don't I have any hangnails it's because when you do the acrylic all the time every month the the cuticles getting pushed back to put the enhancement in there for hangouts go away now you used to wear acrylic yeah you probably noticed that you didn't exactly exactly yeah all the time yeah so now you've gone all natural and do you experience an email sometimes a little bit more definitely love gonna do it for sure yeah and the best time to push back your cuticles.

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When you just come out of the shower because that's when it's softened right and there's things you can get for that you can get these products so these are cuticle softeners and you want to you can just actually you have really great cuticles Katie they're not really i'm hard some people are so hard to get really yeah and it's like something bad and those are probably people that don't really push back the cuticles I don't yes exactly so this stuff you can actually just put a little bit on the cuticle and you can just leave it the cuticle softener you can put in all the cuticles let that sit for a minute and it will actually soften the cuticles so then it's much much easier to push back ok so we can do that and the reason why pushing back the cuticles is important too especially in a manicure to eliminate the hang nails clean up the nail and if you're putting polish on you really want a nice clean area i call it real estate lots of clean real estate there and the more you get the better because then the nail looks longer and more slim line and sleek and all that kind of good stuff then you can read when you put the polish on you can make a really nice smooth if you don't remove it if you put polish on top of that goes oh my god always dreadful just dreadful so you can use this and like I say this implement here you just want to be really gentle with it and you can use this one too because you can see how sharp it is you want to be very gentle with it when you're scraping the natural nail ok so that's taking care of the cuticles so when it comes to filing the natural nail just put my little things away you can get some files here because these are natural nails when i'm doing acrylic of course i will use the course and that's more of a hundred hundred grit and then there is the medium but I want to find because these are natural nails right I just put myself anyway so Katie's you've got really great natural nails so I'm just going to file a little bit just to just you want to reshape somebody's natural nails over yourself you want to just shape up your natural so they all look the same Katie's are pretty good you do manicure them off thank you filed and oh yeah and then with a really crazy so the best way when you're finally natural nails is just to go one way yeah because they are made of a cross weave so if you go back and forth like that you're gonna fray it just like a pair of jeans if you cut a pair of jeans and there's no cement it'll just for it so by going to one way you're not so either way but just make sure you go one way and you want a nice soft file because of course when will just rip that thing you don't want to do that also - here's a little tip it everybody thinks that the Oval is more of a natural shape when in fact this shape you have here kitty is actually much more natural and the way.

I learned that whenever a new baby is born a friend in the family I will take a look at the baby's fingers first and every single time baby's nails growing like this they grow in square actually Instagram that because it baby came in the shop and i wanted to post the nails on it we're just you know she was only a day or two old woman left the hospital within 12 hours i think so the baby was brand-new and the nails were untouched and just as they came out of the womb they were just perfectly square so that's all natural nails are shaped so once I shape all the nails up I've scraped away all the dead cuticle I've made the Nelsons some people have very rich emails and as people age you can see that there be more Richie so if you get somebody with that it's very tempting to take a file and just file the surface and get rid of all those ridges but you don't want to do that because those ridges the high point of the ridge are as thick as what the mail should be the low point is the thin . so if you file / thick ridges to match down that the low points and make it nice and smooth beautiful it's so thin as it starts growing out it'll split like crazy and drive your client crazy or yourself so don't do that what you want to do is you want to get a ridge filler I just picked this one up and literally this stuff is great you just take it will settle in the ridges it's not like them like it says fiber eyes dredge filler so they make the fridge filter specifically in a news or a pinkish tone so when you paint it on this fiber eyes rich fellow will settle in between those ridges and create a very very smooth look ready for polish so that's how you wanna prepare before polish ok you put a base coat on his own okay you don't have to if you're using the rich filler that's a good question k I would only put a base coat on if you were doing like a strong color like red or brick color the color red or black or something that would stain the mail right light colors does still state that's a great question so Katie doesn't have many ridges but you can see how smooth that makes it it's almost drawing in a Mad fashion so when you're finishing a nail you can put color on katie is very natural as you can see she's very natural beautiful girl 

Senin, 01 Agustus 2016

Oil Spill Chrome/Mirror On Gel and Regular Polish

hi I'm Suzy and I've been playing with my new chrome powders and today I'm going to do the ombre technique this is gonna be a really pretty design let's get started I'm gonna do two techniques for each day I released a video with the chrome when it first came out and i did a two tone just the silver with a blue tip really really pretty but i wanted to do the ombre so that's going to do today but i was reading a lot of the comments and some of you mentioned can you do this with nail polish on my first reaction was no that's not the way they showed us but.

I thought I try it ok so i paid the OPI infinity shine because it's one of the fastest drying polishes that I'm aware of and that's what I had on my shelf and with this is a three-step procedure I'm going to do the thumb and I'm gonna do it now so it dries by the time we finish these ones so this is just a Polish it's a fast drying polish by OPI so let that drive will continue so this is the package i had there's going to be a lot that's going to come out but when i was at the IBS show this was the booth that I found it at this was the last one she had left so I crapped it because I had to have it to show you so today I'm going to do three different colors this one and I find they do pop best right now I'm learning that anyway I'm gonna try every combination but what I'm learning as the does look really good off of the black now i'm going to use the remember i forgot to do these in the other video these are silicon applicators i'm going to use these today to massage the stuff into the nail I'm still working on this one going to do a second coaches so it's really a good color to dry stuff dries quick ok and we will get my stabilizer my trusty old cotton ball holder ok now i already applied the two coats of black gel polish on here and so I didn't have to go through that process it is in the other video that i did with the chrome.

Find more nail polish = > http://nnailartdesigns.blogspot.com/

I gotta take it from the gel application already being on there ok now I find with this stuff they're very similar in colors when you get them on they blend so well they almost look like one color so almost like cause a line I like literally and you can see that it really spreads like it the powder just kind of splatters as if I dropped it from a distance but i'm just going to see if I could almost caused like a line and make it like a hard edge and it will still look very softly blended you can see the red kind of coming out there another thing i found one of these put a little bit of alcohol on this have had because you do want to clean it in between the wrong button you want to clean it in between colors and then you want to dry it you want to have an alcohol is it it'll evaporate of course welcome and I take my little trustee let me be able to get rid of some dust and see if we can create that this is green now sorry it in and I wipe it away just so you don't take some more of the glitter from the green and put it into the next color I'm going to do the way for white and then i read from the dry part of this bad so it's nice and dry get the blue now and going to drop a line and promise the comment suggested that i was using too much so i'll try to use a little bit less got hard too because it's it kind of spreads everywhere maybe the eye makeup applicator is better for that possibly be yeah yeah don't need that swing me think of getting better at it as income knit index finger I did this for a client today you didn't one color was her and she was at the same reaction if everybody i know that's looking at is like what and hence cool what would they come out with next you know this kind of looks like it looks like gasoline I kind of look when you see gasoline on the ground like the smell of gasoline that wrong is that weird yeah this looks kind of cool i hope things can see this it's very subtle but it's pretty dramatic at the same time that's possible it's really cool can you see that with your camera and so it's beautiful Greek Council really good you teasing me are you serious sure ok give me CA yeah yeah get that you don't like smell gasoline and go by like that's my girl you don't do that you're not like I get it on my hands I'm coming I don't want to let it wash it all yeah.
I don't want to know my hands but if I smell a guy like it did is I hope I'm not alone in that okay that I think that looks cool you gotta a cat here on your second from your pinky right there yeah it's called the ring finger don't even know what that's called there's no ring on their last it don't tell the camera man ok so remember we look back to this i'm going to put the infinite shine at the last coat put a little while ago so this is just to compare how regular polish yeah works in your schedule some of the viewers were asking if you can do this with polish which is a great question that everybody has gel polish in a light side I might let us say my first reaction was no I can't but I thought maybe you can maybe a better try it so I'm trying but I'm using it with a very very fast drying polish which is the infinite shine this is a really fast three step system that they've got going on here so we're just put that on there so in the meantime I'm going to top coat this and I'm going to cure it and then while we're letting carefully the coat is drying don't put this on thick to gel coats and elements and needs only the shimmer on the skin - I'm going to get here it try to be more professional remember likely I know but it's not really a very proper term but I'm trying to educate ok this guy ready did we have to rub onto it so I didn't want to pursue the truth I know what I'm impatient very impatient I don't have time to wait around polish to dry let's work your old better that is one good point - why the gel is better but not everybody might not have the lamp right ok so we'll let that dry okay i'm going to use the chrome one because it's the most dramatic for the visual see this works with this now i'm going to try this I don't know if it's going to be I don't want to go get it

Minggu, 31 Juli 2016

❤ EASY PUPPY DOG Nail Art! ❤

I did a cat one a while back so now it's time to try out a dog version as you can see two of my nails broke this week so today i'll be doing nail art on shorter nails and usual the colors i use for this look are white and black along with a light in the dark brown and an orchid color for the litter accent I layer in metallic gold in a gold glitter and for the dog details i use to black and white nail art nail polishes as for the tools i use a thin synthetic brush to create the dog's nose and mouth and dotting tools for the paw prints and eyes base coat and topcoat were used to prep and seal the design first apply base coat to all of your nails for the thumb and pinky and painting two layers of an orchid nail polish and this one is actually textured but I smooth it out with topcoat later on as an easy accent without using studs are rhinestones i'm adding a couple white dots with white nail polish and a dotting tool next up we have the index finger and for this one.

I added two coats of white nail polish for full opacity to make conference i'm adding some large black dots and I'm spacing them out so we have room to add the little toes next I'm adding three smaller dots along the big ones to complete the paw prints if you don't have dying tools on hand use a bobby pin and toothpicks instead to fill in the empty spaces i added a few extra dots for the middle nail let's start off the puppy dog face with brown nail polish round out the top of the head like so for the bottom of the face.

Find more Nail Art Designs : http://nnailartdesigns.blogspot.com/

I'm taking white nail polish and i'm adding a smaller semi-circle - a deer's use a thin synthetic brush or toothpick dipped in dark brown nail polish and add two thin stripes on each side next let's emphasize the muscle area of the face with a white nail art polish adding a vertical stripe will make the face appear longer and less like a bear now let's make some eyes by adding two large black dots then add some light reflection to the eyes with two smaller white dots let's been shot the puppy dog face with a nose and mouth using a black striping polish for the nose i'm adding two lines to make a V shape and then filling it in to make a triangle add a short vertical line underneath the nose then a horizontal line to finish off the mouth but the glitter accent nail i'm laying down a layer of metallic gold nail polish next I'm adding a coat of glitter nail polish and this one is quite chunky so I'm putting the brush down instead of swiping it so the big litter chunks don't get wiped off this dog gets a treat and we're making a bone for him by adding four large white dots connect the dots in the middle and the bones done now just add some top coat and your dog nails are finished yeah

Selasa, 23 Februari 2016

PaleoSleepBook.com –

PaleoSleepBook.com –Click Image To Try It TodayMy name’s James Daniels, ex-insomniac, Paleo Diet follower and author of Paleo Sleep, the  paleo-inspired sleep program that optimizes your sleep-wake cycle by realigning your body with Mother-Nature.

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Well, skimping on sleep has just as many serious health implications as eating a diet laden with processed sugars, dairy and gluten. Here’s 5 key risks you… Read more…

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Clickbank Affiliate Tools – Ad, Storefront & WordPress Plugin

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Mango Man Diet

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Cellulite Reduction and Treatment Skinny Jeans, Thin Thighs, Slim Sexy Slender Legs, Round Butt, Curvy Hips, Shapely Calves

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Rich-Mind Hypnosis Home

Rich-Mind Hypnosis HomeClick Image To Try It TodayImportant: When we asked our customers what their concerns were when seriously considering hypnosis sessions we found some interesting things…

Question: Some people expressed they were not sure if hypnosis would work for them because they didn’t know a whole lot about it.

Answer: Jesse has spent the time to include a thorough pre-talk going over some popular truths and misconceptions about hypnosis offering every customer a "mini-education" on hypnosis.

Question: Some people felt they didn’t relax well so hypnosis wouldn’t work.

Answer: All of our sessions have been designed with proven techniques that will relax any willing person so deeply they will be sure to listen again.

Question: Still other people needed to be sure the techniques for suggestion delivery would not only be enjoyable but effective so they could experience real change.

Answer: With sessions designed by a certified hypnotherapist with thousands of customers we offer not just advanced and proven techniques but the techniques that our customers have reported back to us as being very unique and powerful for them.

"It obviously turns out that listening to our customers has helped us create sessions that offered people who started by being unsure a chance to end up happy believers in hypnotherapy and loyal, thankful customers. So we thank you all."

Create Charisma Hypnosis Professional Custom Hypnosis

"I am excited to share this unique collection of hypnosis with all who choose to explore these transforming products today!"

"Hypnotica" On a personal level these private issues are exciting to see improvements in. Hypnosis utilizes your imagination…can you imagine! Only you will know the outcome.

What if you could be shown the hiding place of the thieves of your peace of mind?

"I ordered a few of your sessions from work the other day and had to… Read more…

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The Blackjack System – The Best Blackjack Strategy To Make Money Fast!

The Blackjack System - The Best Blackjack Strategy To Make Money Fast!Click Image To Try It TodayI’m sure you’re sick to death of so called "betting systems" who reveal nothing new about making money from gambling. Just give me 5 minutes of your time and I’ll make sure you…

I will change the way you approach online casinos forever, and you will learn every trick necessary to ensure you are in the 2% of online blackjack players who get a payout, and no longer will you be a victim of complex casino rules that ensure you never win.

Casinos love the weak, uninformed gambler, the one without a strategy, or a clue about the rules. If you don’t have a game plan, you’re almost certainly going to be a loser.

Knowledge is power, and those lucky few who get their hands on my proven blackjack strategy are always going to outperform your average bettor.

If you want to be a one of the 2% who are consistent winners, to feel the thrill of actually making some money from your betting (which I assume is why you bet) then take a look at the video below:

Impressive huh? Sorry to brag, its just I love making money from the casino. And YOU too can easily repeat my success, by just following a few simple tricks, tricks I have learnt from the very best blackjack player I ever came across…

You see, I previously worked as a Blackjack Dealer in my local casino and learnt everything I know watching a notorious professional who called himself, Mr C.

This guy could barely speak a word of English, but he could certainly speak blackjack, and everytime he came into the casino, you could see the colour drain from our bosses faces, as they faced another night of big losses.

Each day I would secretly take notes and try to figure… Read more…

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Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Complete Program: Bodyweight Workouts That Deliver

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Complete Program: Bodyweight Workouts That DeliverClick Image To Try It TodayRyan and Adam specialize in bodyweight exercises that 99.9% of other trainers have never even heard of… their clients fly them all over North America, Europe and Asia because their stuff burns fat and builds muscle so fast. Ryan and Adam are their secret weapons in the fight against fat and aging!

They’ve agreed to unlock their exercise vault and share these powerful exercises with the world so that YOU can lose belly fat and sculpt the body of your dreams at home with NO Equipment – Guaranteed.

The frantic pace of modern life means that finding time to exercise is always a problem. How many times have you fought traffic to get to a crowded gym, only to loaf around waiting for equipment? Michel Bedard was in this situation when he found Adam Steer. Now he trains entirely at home or during lunch hour at his office. This cuts hours out of his demanding schedule — and THAT means more time with his family.

Training at home is the perfect solution for the time-compressed. But if that were true, why aren’t more people doing it? Most people start with the idea of setting up a nice little home gym, but they’re discouraged by bulky, expensive equipment. And so they become slaves to a health club because they think there’s no other way…

Adam and Ryan despise the status quo. Their experience taught them that the world’s most successful people demand innovative solutions. And the secret is you’ve been carrying around everything you ever needed to get in shape every day of your life. No, it isn’t your wallet. Your bodyweight and a little specialized knowledge are enough to ensure incredible results and a lifetime of peak fitness.

Bodyweight training can be as tough or as gentle as… Read more…

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Health Biz In A Box

Health Biz In A BoxClick Image To Try It TodayWorld famous Multimillionaire TV Doctor is going to give you a complete fully-operational Website that sells the absolute very BEST proven health-related products online in a Web-Business of your very own …

Want a $1,497** website for next to nothing? … Now Complete With Over 90 Income Streams Pouring Cash Directly Into Your Pocket!!

Obviously you are someone very interested in making a great living, and possibly even a fortune, all from the Internet, right? And this is a very wise ambition considering how many people have done exactly that! I know because I am one of them!

I’ve done all this (made my fortune, I mean) just through offering health-related products on the Internet rather than through my own doctor’s practice!

I studied years and years to become a doctor – yet that only made me at the most about $125,000 a year. But I didn’t start making "life-changing" money until I started selling the very best health-related products online.

And now I figure with my success as a guide, it’s YOUR TURN! … I’m actually out to set you up in a very PROFITABLE "health-related" web business of your very own!!

Check out the screenshot below of a highly successful, cash generating website . . . which I am making available to a strictly limited number of people who take action today.

And this site has a whole lot of "fancy gadgets" and automatic marketing devices on it designed to make you money automatically, over and over again, whether you are working or relaxing, or just goofing off – and it does 99% of all the work for you!

I’ve had my Team of Internet Marketing Experts along with the very Best Team of Internet Technologists deliberately design YOUR WEBSITE to where it can generate viral-traffic… Read more…

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Join – keikos-cake.com

Join - keikos-cake.comClick Image To Try It TodayWouldn’t it be wonderful if you could make cakes and desserts with a professional look and perfectly balanced taste? Cakes that make your friends and family wonder whether you turned into a French patissier over night?

Hi, my name is Keiko. I am a professional patissier and pastry teacher. My students are “normal” people with no former education or special skills in baking…

Imagine what your friend’s reactions will be when you present a professional cake next time. Not an expensive cake you bought in the patisserie… a professional and delicious cake that YOU made all by yourself!

Read what members say about keikos-cake.com and watch the example video below. I’m looking forward to welcoming you as a new member of my exclusive pastry community.

★ Provence ★ Frangipane with dried fruits on a tart bottom with apricot jelly and smooth honey mousse. This cake is a reference to the Provence, a beautiful region in France.

★ Macarons ★ Make perfect macarons at home! Try one of the many variations and share these little treats with your friends and family.

★ Tropical Cheesecake ★ A tropical cheesecake with eight delicious layers. Tropical jelly, cheese mousse, cheese souffle sponge, and more.

It’s a roll cake version of the classic Black Forest cake. The chocolate chiffon sponge makes this cake extra soft and delicious.

★ Gateaux Caramel Orange ★ An elegant cake with smooth caramel mousse and orange cream filling. Decorated with chocolate plates and orange jelly glaze. You can use the chocolate plates for other cakes as well…

Each cake comes with a video and detailed pdf instructions with lots of images. It shows how you can make each cake and dessert from start to finish.

Question: “But what if my cake doesn’t look so nice and perfect as on your shiny… Read more…

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Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed

Blood Sugar Secrets ExposedClick Image To Try It TodayThese statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*

Bottom line: Most people’s health deteriorate after they’re diagnosed with diabetes, especially if they target blood sugar levels that are too high. There is a good chance you or someone you love is suffering through diabetic decay caused by targeting blood sugar levels once considered safe, which can increase risk of chronic disease, worsening health and painful complications. When you watch this FREE presentation you will discover a way of eating that 20 independent human research studies confirm can stop diabetic decay, reverse certain types of damage and reduce or eliminate dependence on pharmaceutical solutions – which, by-the-way, the Big Drug Companies would rather you didn’t see.

Yes! I want instant access to the complete "Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed" system. PLUS: All 4 FREE bonuses for ONLY 1 Payment.

Medical research studies show that blood sugar levels well below those labeled as "safe" by many doctors are directly linked to:

According to human studies – the way of eating revealed inside "Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed" is proven to:

And dramatically lower your risk of chronic disease,because when you optimize your blood sugar levels, your risk of health problems gets cut to the bone.

If you’re ready to stop being a Diabetes victim… if you want to feel better and fully enjoy life… and you want to possess legitimate hope for your future…

Inside "Blood Sugar Secrets Exposed " you’ll discover the exact step-by-step system to reduce or eliminate your glucose lowering medication , stop toxic blood sugar spikes and improve your health beyond that of a non-diabetic person…

Follow this blueprint and you’ll also lose weight, have more energy and reduce your risk… Read more…

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Sugar Freedom

Sugar FreedomClick Image To Try It TodayLike you, I never knew when the overwhelming cravings would start. I tried to distract myself, but I couldn’t.

I could be anywhere, at any moment, doing anything – and then WHAM! The urge would hit me. Getting a fix was the only thing I could think about.

If that helplessness sounds familiar, don’t worry. It’s not your fault, and I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to kill this shameful craving for good.

But back when I struggled with sugar addiction, It wouldn’t matter if I was happy, sad, stressed, tired, or even just feeling ‘normal’…the binges would strike at any moment.

Frantically, I would rifle through my college roommate’s cupboards as if I had a search warrant…

“I’ll just ‘borrow’ a slice of Maria’s bread,” I’d say. “I’ll have a spoonful of Louise’s peanut butter.” I’d even think, “Colin won’t miss just ONE Rice Krispie treat.” These destructive thoughts would take my brain prisoner.

Sometimes, it would just start as innocently as eating a ripe banana. But seconds later, after taking the first bite, this demonic presence would take control of me, and I would enter an unstoppable feeding frenzy.

I would inhale the banana, and move on to cereal. Handful by handful I’d feed my addiction. But it wasn’t enough. I knew there was chocolate. There had to be chocolate. I’d turn the house upside down looking for just a square of chocolate. Thirty minutes, even sixty minutes would pass.

Full to the point of feeling sick, I’d finally come to, ashamed of what I had done. But there was no going back. It was over, and I’d quickly destroy any shred of evidence. Even the CSI team wouldn… Read more…

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