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Roses - Calligraphy Pen and Ink Nail Art

Nail Art Designs . I wanted to do something very classic and very traditional and I thought roses are very classic and weddings are very traditional so we're going to do little rosebuds for weddings and our probs let's get started I found this really beautiful polish in the store the other day so I've already put that on here and it's already dried and that's the key to this because we are going to use a calligraphy pen and don't be intimidated by them they're actually really easy to use they're not like you have to have that scrolling writing you don't have to take it you know course to use we're just using it to draw some small lines just like you would a paintbrush or a pin.

So I've got some white ink is also airbrushing and it's really thin you don't want to use the acrylic like the craft paints you can use those projected makes it was quite a bit of water but i find picking up these things is just as easy so I got a little eyedropper the color i have is just too strong so I'm going to just mix a little bit of color to make my rosebuds and the lead so I'm going to just put a little bit of pink in one of these dishes and a little bit of green other to make soft let me just grab a little bit of this just a drop that just to drop and I've got a little stick and i'm just going to mix it up and see how much clean up got none of that that's really pretty that's actually going to work I hope you can see that color that's perfect.

And if I messed up and put too much green you can always add some more white in there just to mix it up with them so that looks good we'll use that and then for my playbook you can make pink right just get a little bit of the eyedropper just to drop as we see what the green did just going to do a drop and mix this up and see how much pinky gives me mm that's pretty nice I really want to do this very very soft but I still won't be able to see it I think I'll see it on that but i'm going to add just a sec just a little bit more just what drops off the glass did you squeeze it a little i needed so make sure those it makes it really good because you going to dip the clear pen in there together the paint inside the pen so you want to be mixed really well so just grab that trusty old calligraphy pen here is the 1 i'm going to use they're just going to be kind of random all over now you can do a bunch of rosebud and i'll show you how to do them and I'm gonna going to be placed all different angles and stuff because if they're all lined up together they don't look as good they're almost like in two halves so to draw the one half and the one leaf on the other and then there's a little rose sticking up so two of them and different angles given that rosebud shape so like the bottom of a heart all right now just kind of looks like lots of pink if you ask me it's that time the green stem already bringing together sometimes I kind of do them like this come off like a the wallpaper or ii i'm in sheet and then i'm going to get the green and I'm going to make a little stem and the little you know where it sits you know there's like little boutonnieres that you would see on a a groom for groomsmen they have them sticking in there little appelles there's some cute that's basically what this is you have to make sure your polish is very dry for this does not want to go on their sticky any clean every now and then they tip of the pen my kelly dried out it's meant to flow constantly through there so it does that just clean it off and then we'll just keep going you know a little bit near stems in there you can let that dry a little bit now I've got the white here still I'm gonna just bring it into here and i'm going to dip just a little bit and just add a little bit of highlight but if you do stick on the one side don't do your highlight everywhere i think i'm going to just a second balance to do the other fingers just on here it's hard to hold your hand that steady in midair so again.

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I just have to do it like the bottom half of the heart and color it in and then do that little rose part sticking up this is very very soft it was going for a very very soft look so I'm going to keep going and doing the whole hand and then i'm going to top coat and I might even add some bling somewhere I haven't decided yet I'll continue to do these and I'll see you in a sec you wait - they're totally dry so you don't smear it when you put the top coat on so I'm going to put a top coat on it and i think i'm going to put my sparkly stuff the Northern Lights sparkly stuff just on the ring finger because I don't know if I'm totally convinced I want it on every finger but i do want it on the ring finger so let's see what that looks like oh it's really quite cute and I'm going to clear top coat the rest like I say just make sure it's nice and dry because if you smear it all that's a lot of work to just smear the women patient me the trip for top coating is already polished that matters to make sure there's a lot on your brush because it's like it's hovering across you don't want the brush to really pull across that polish in any way isn't that cute how classic and traditional is this well that truly is classic and traditional it's very dainty very old-fashioned quite like that I did do some 3d roses for a wedding actually they're called 3d acrylic roses they're much more detailed than this not as hard as you might think try it check it out it's actually going to continue

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