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Three Nail Art Designs To Match A Gown

Nail Art Designs . hi it's susie from nail for education today we're gonna do something a little different Holly one of my subscribers is going to evolve and she sent me a picture for dress and wants to know what designs Michael with it so today we're going to do a few of those let's get started so as you can see her dress is a burgundy so I'm gonna go do some light designs and some dark designs in an actual burgundy design it's hard when you get pictures because you can't pinpoint the color exactly so from what i can see in the picture I'm going to pick this beautiful maroon burgundy color to sort of simulate a sort of match the dress's best I can so I'm going to paint all the nails and try to do a design that looks really classy if you want to learn some tips on how to polish emails i do have a how to polish unions professional video just click on that and we're going to do one hand to show you what the design what you're playing for ok i just applied two coats of the burgundy which is the color of matching of the dress and just to do something a little bit different but still keep it classic I'm going to French the ring finger we often do the ring finger just like an accent finger.

I'm just going to French it with this really dark espresso yeah take a couple of codes okay well that's drawing the first coat and take a little bit of top coat and i just put the top coat on my table or on a piece of paper or anything like that and put a DAB there so i can use it to pick up my little diamonds I'm going to place one phase the cuticle you want to press into wet polish the thumb and then when you're done you can give it a good top coat that will help protect the jewel and again after you put the top coat on you in a few minutes and then you can run it under cold water to help set any class just like her dress so that design was classic this design is gonna be a little more trendy with the pastel colors so stick with the cool tones the blue Pink's to go with the burgundy.

You don't want to go orange this color is really difficult to put on going to really commit to it and try to not mess with it too much it can get really we should get washed the polish on the brush really commit with this color code is a must I'm going to get a little crazy with the blame that dress is classic and it's got a lot of bling on it so I'm going to try to mimic a little bit of the design that she has on there just bear with me while I put a whole bunch of later on I'm just gonna grab some more little ones just feeling signs they're just need some sleep with that it the Polish isn't just put another coat of clear on the rules come to the little so i'm going to put another one right next to it so you can see it to talk about mom a little bit just seal them in there so they last for her yet just replace the top coat around them go right over top of them just to try to smooth it out a little too okay one final top coat at that drive she's good to go let's check out the reveal.

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So it depends on Holly's taste as to what style she lights and yours as you watch you can see what designer suit you now i'm going to do a very simple design with a coat of glitter on top I'm going to do two coats of nude I love nude polish it's so classic nude goes with everything and it's great too because when Holly's finished her ball the next day you go with whatever she's learning to where is pink with the big diamonds on it might not go as much with whatever she's wearing the next day but noodles with everything again just a little wave in between and i'm going to start right away make sure you got enough on your brush and drag it and pull it you want a lie that polish across they have got my two coats nude and now I shaken vigorously this bottle of glitter love this stuff this is out the door is glitter it i'm just going to put a gentle coat on times quite pretty what classes you can put two coats on it if you want more density and you can even add some jewels if you want a little more

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