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Mother's Day Nail Art - Pro Tips: Gel Polish and Calligraphy Pen

Nail Art Designs .I've got some beautiful vibrant gel colors today I'm going to combine with the sheer and we're going to write some messages on your name let's get it yeah so I think one of the best ways to be able to write initials or words on the nails is to use a gel polish first if you use polish you have to wait till it dries and that can take a while if you use gel polish it's dried instantly one of the things I don't like about gel polishes can be thick so finding a really thin one and applying it thin is to your best advantage it looks most natural and it looks like polish which is hard to do with gel polish I have found that ugly duckling is about to be released and I've got a sneak peek on how to use it and what some of the colors are gel polish is very different than the nail polish when you put nail polish on I put it on quite thick.

And in one or two or three strokes that's it job polish is a little more forgiving in that you can put it on quite thin but you can put it on little patches too which is really quite an advantage so this is a color on top you can see the color is very accurate I love being able to have a peek a boo otherwise you're always taking it and flipping upside down and reading and memorizing a number or the name but you can see the color directly.

I open this up and you want to remove when you're polishing remove it off of the post one side completely an office out of the brush as well then on the other side you can remove have it you don't need a lot now what's great about this is like I say was Paula she just sort of one stroke especially a cream color but with gel you can do these kinds of things because it has a little bit of a self-leveling attitude is sort of flows into each stroke that's on the nail and makes a little more even this brush that she's designed on this is actually quite clever i don't know she did this deliberately but it has a bit of a most likely a bit of a u-shape it's not square blunt off the end so it actually fits in the cuticle a little bit easier and a blunt brush there I missed a section so you can't do it like this you could never do that with nail polish it would not be happy at all ok so i'm just going to put a thin coat on all of these you get those little sides so I got a little bit of the cuticle there to take in a cuticle stick and I'm just gonna wipe that right off basic clean you can use your nail but peaches finish polishing you don't want to do that one thing I've noticed about this particular line it's not running at all.

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So I don't feel the need to flash cure really quickly I've done the thumb and look it's not even running that's pretty good all that just saves you a little extra time I often forget to do this but i remembered i'm going to use this lighter paint color as an accent it's kind of a trendy thing we're doing right now instead of doing an accent nail mmm yeah it's pretty too so you can see that's kind of streaking and stuff that's ok second coat will pick that up and if maybe we can always do a third but the trick is thin jealous much happier thin also cures better ok so we'll go and just do the pinky now ok a little bit on that cue to comb my finger take that right off if you care it when that's on there it'll cure to your skin it will stay there forever because the oils of your skin will eventually get rid of it ok so i'm just going to bring it by light and i'm going to hear that this is a 30-second cure in an LED 90 seconds in a UV which is pretty standard sometimes it's nice when you can see there is a fluorescent ok so I've got my base color on two coats and now i'm going to show you this beautiful glittery code I might try to do it a bit of a swoop let's see what it looks like sort of enhances that's pretty try full name soon it looks like on this pink it's very nice we put some on you after whoo yeah you like that when you we have to be on your toes to your are you don't want to see my feet know ok now i'm going to go ahead and clear this and then we'll get to write in the words on here so most gels I think maybe all of them do they have a top layer that after you do it is a bit sticky now we're going to write some words on here and we can't do that if it's sticky so I'm just going to remove that stick with some alcohol and then when you do that gel needs to have it slightly buffed surface so then we're going to just slightly buff it make sure all the sticky stuff is off now we're going to buff it I'm going to get this soft side of a medium file is 180 180 grid and i'm just going to gently I don't want to go through my colors right I'm just going to gently of the surface and I'm going to do the whole thing because even if you just add a section where you going to write you can have to put the clear coat over top of the whole thing you've gotta buff the whole thing right not just a segment and it will take away the shine you don't have a map polish this is one waiter to get the mat look great just buff off the shine or use a matte polish they've got them in gels.

Now is this line has one as well so you just give us like wow now I find I don't clean the surface again with the alcohol because sometimes it leaves a bit of a film like this is a drive off right away and i'm going to start writing on it kind of makes it kind of icky so we don't dumb that's all we have to do that so i think i'm going to use white I've done calligraphy before for you guys and I'm always using black this time we use white especially with this color I want the white to really pop okay I'm gonna grab mine it was this one I like you can pick these up at michaels and not too expensive this is an airbrush think you can use this for a pen ink as well very very liquidy you can't use acrylic paint or anything like that it's got to be this thin thin penning and now i'm just going to write and then I need a brace springs back damaged ship doesn't it we can't see as well on this sparkly stuff you see that I yep it go heart ya could be the cameraman is not enough room to write that in there so I did that can you read that hard then we'll put through the messages from ok so there's a problem sometimes your calligraphy pen will dry up I dip it in my alcohol cleaner whatever you got and then take a little pad and just clean it out clean your friends can be a little bit finicky but just keep it clean and you'll be happy it'll just flow quite nicely going to move these fingers a little bit so I can sign it save time you can get that that cube now nice read it z adorable I'm gonna just put it sometimes you can do too much

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