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Halloween Spider Nails - Nail Polish Stamp

Nail Art Designs . have you ever used stamps it's susie from the other education and that's what we're going to do today spiders let's get started so you can do stamps on gel polish or nail polish this is actually cynical gel polish by M and I've already cured it and we're ready to go with it if you're using polish just make sure it's dry before you step it with stamps it doesn't have to be totally dry but you don't want to dent it's gonna be dead proof ok so I find the best colors i use a lot of black and white I think it's because it's very pigmented heavy so you can really see it when you put it on the mail you use other colors not quite as pigmented so they're not quite as strong thicker polish is better than regular polish really this is konad it is a bit thicker they say not to use regular polish because it's not as thick and it's true it doesn't really work but if you've got an old bottle kicking around its kind of thickening up a little that might work so you just give these guys a shape you can roll if you want backup for the shake it.

And I thought to stamping pads and we're going to use this one to one it's got a spider on it and some skulls I was going to go with the spiders today I'm using a dark charcoal gray i'm going to use black spiders and white spiders the black might not show up quite as good but i think it would be creepy enough to actually be there but we'll see let's check it out so you have to have your Stamper yeah I call it a Stamper I don't know what the technical term is but it puts the design on their Stanford this is kind of your tool that scrape Ragus scraper and scrape the paint way up to put it on your design and that's we're going to do it so we're going to start with a black it's very messy heads up I'm going to paint just a little bit of polish on the black spider you want to get in the grooves that's the idea in the stamping want to scrape the design off you're scraping the excess paint away and get your little pick up to press it into it and pick up the design and picked up my little spider got it.

Looks creepy even on the two but I don't like spiders and then you just literally roll it on your design oh yeah you can see that enough that looks good and creepy enough i'll do a white one else you can really see it but that actually picked up quick do it to the naked eye a client will really see it that's very cute ok so let's do the white polish can really see it not really press in so you pick up your design area it's kind of creepy I'm going to do another one like they're all bunched crawling all over there I like that especially when you stamp it down you do it like it's going in a different direction so just look at the same repetitive stamp all over the nail that's cute that is creepy spiders mean I'm not going to make a pad out of them i don't kill them or anything I put them outside that they are still creepy cute ok get a couple black ones in there because they still want that kind of creepy if I think you put some on top of each other i think that would look kind of creepy - yeah oh yeah it's cute I like that so i'm going to go ahead and do all the rest of the fingers another clean this with the acetone on the end and I clean every time.

I clean the plate with acetone and i scrape off the paint off the scraper sometimes the legs don't get quite all there only because it's Halloween you can get away with it because it looks great with maybe a spider with having broken legs see here to do on a client you've got two hands to do ones but again this is a great application to put end of the mail service with a client it's awesome because it doesn't take long to do topcoder and off she goes don't forget to top coat though as it can we're really quickly you don't top code i find i do Prescott hard to get the spider to actually get on to your little tool just the pinky yeah stabbing is super fun and you get so many different looks even with just like one standing pad when they can be a little frustrating when you first doing it some stamping pads are not deep enough groups they don't hold the paint very well and its really frustrating because one will work in one wall you can I don't know why that might be why or your paint is really old and it's just not working but once you get it you get the right one it just is so much fun so quick clients love it anyway thanks for watching and have fun

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