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How to Polish Nails Professionally

Nail Art Designs . the next few minutes are going to be all about the college there are oodles of polishes to choose from cream frost and super frosty cream is harder to put on frost as much easier and much more forgiving and super frosty like chrome is really tough so whatever publish types you choose the nail plate has to be prepared properly push the cuticles back with the cuticle stick then make sure that you remove all the moisture all oil all dust don't leave any trace of any of that so the nail plate is ready clean and smooth ready for a very smooth polished application going to start with a cream application always do two coats to ensure the color is the way it appears in the bottle nice.

And strong good pigment nail polish dries as you polish so the fewer strokes the better now you've gotten the true color of what was in the bottle summer so pigmented you can do with one code be really effective to you can do the ends it's a very finished and professional look ok once you've got both coats on both hands you can do one right after the other you need to top coat it a quick little tip if you do get a little bit of polish on your cuticle you can just take a little brush even a paint brush dip it in some polish remover and just wipe it around the side and we'll take off any type of thing.

You get on the skin that'll make it look really professional top coats that's what helps it dry one of the best top coats in the world out the door this stuff dries really fast another way to dry polish is to put it under cold water it doesn't make it dint proof but it does make it a bit smudge proof but that's really effective don't put it under lamps sitting under a lamp under table says one of the bottle no heat that will just keep attacking for longer so cold water and a great top code.

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And for a little extra design you can throw in some sparkles and give any one of these designs a whole new look so here's a quick meet polish application you can do it's really effective look I take the chrome and paint the first coat yeah choosing two different polish colors changes the look completely polish there's a color for every mood and every occasion you make a boot just fix it with remover have fun

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