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Oil Spill Chrome/Mirror On Gel and Regular Polish

hi I'm Suzy and I've been playing with my new chrome powders and today I'm going to do the ombre technique this is gonna be a really pretty design let's get started I'm gonna do two techniques for each day I released a video with the chrome when it first came out and i did a two tone just the silver with a blue tip really really pretty but i wanted to do the ombre so that's going to do today but i was reading a lot of the comments and some of you mentioned can you do this with nail polish on my first reaction was no that's not the way they showed us but.

I thought I try it ok so i paid the OPI infinity shine because it's one of the fastest drying polishes that I'm aware of and that's what I had on my shelf and with this is a three-step procedure I'm going to do the thumb and I'm gonna do it now so it dries by the time we finish these ones so this is just a Polish it's a fast drying polish by OPI so let that drive will continue so this is the package i had there's going to be a lot that's going to come out but when i was at the IBS show this was the booth that I found it at this was the last one she had left so I crapped it because I had to have it to show you so today I'm going to do three different colors this one and I find they do pop best right now I'm learning that anyway I'm gonna try every combination but what I'm learning as the does look really good off of the black now i'm going to use the remember i forgot to do these in the other video these are silicon applicators i'm going to use these today to massage the stuff into the nail I'm still working on this one going to do a second coaches so it's really a good color to dry stuff dries quick ok and we will get my stabilizer my trusty old cotton ball holder ok now i already applied the two coats of black gel polish on here and so I didn't have to go through that process it is in the other video that i did with the chrome.

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I gotta take it from the gel application already being on there ok now I find with this stuff they're very similar in colors when you get them on they blend so well they almost look like one color so almost like cause a line I like literally and you can see that it really spreads like it the powder just kind of splatters as if I dropped it from a distance but i'm just going to see if I could almost caused like a line and make it like a hard edge and it will still look very softly blended you can see the red kind of coming out there another thing i found one of these put a little bit of alcohol on this have had because you do want to clean it in between the wrong button you want to clean it in between colors and then you want to dry it you want to have an alcohol is it it'll evaporate of course welcome and I take my little trustee let me be able to get rid of some dust and see if we can create that this is green now sorry it in and I wipe it away just so you don't take some more of the glitter from the green and put it into the next color I'm going to do the way for white and then i read from the dry part of this bad so it's nice and dry get the blue now and going to drop a line and promise the comment suggested that i was using too much so i'll try to use a little bit less got hard too because it's it kind of spreads everywhere maybe the eye makeup applicator is better for that possibly be yeah yeah don't need that swing me think of getting better at it as income knit index finger I did this for a client today you didn't one color was her and she was at the same reaction if everybody i know that's looking at is like what and hence cool what would they come out with next you know this kind of looks like it looks like gasoline I kind of look when you see gasoline on the ground like the smell of gasoline that wrong is that weird yeah this looks kind of cool i hope things can see this it's very subtle but it's pretty dramatic at the same time that's possible it's really cool can you see that with your camera and so it's beautiful Greek Council really good you teasing me are you serious sure ok give me CA yeah yeah get that you don't like smell gasoline and go by like that's my girl you don't do that you're not like I get it on my hands I'm coming I don't want to let it wash it all yeah.
I don't want to know my hands but if I smell a guy like it did is I hope I'm not alone in that okay that I think that looks cool you gotta a cat here on your second from your pinky right there yeah it's called the ring finger don't even know what that's called there's no ring on their last it don't tell the camera man ok so remember we look back to this i'm going to put the infinite shine at the last coat put a little while ago so this is just to compare how regular polish yeah works in your schedule some of the viewers were asking if you can do this with polish which is a great question that everybody has gel polish in a light side I might let us say my first reaction was no I can't but I thought maybe you can maybe a better try it so I'm trying but I'm using it with a very very fast drying polish which is the infinite shine this is a really fast three step system that they've got going on here so we're just put that on there so in the meantime I'm going to top coat this and I'm going to cure it and then while we're letting carefully the coat is drying don't put this on thick to gel coats and elements and needs only the shimmer on the skin - I'm going to get here it try to be more professional remember likely I know but it's not really a very proper term but I'm trying to educate ok this guy ready did we have to rub onto it so I didn't want to pursue the truth I know what I'm impatient very impatient I don't have time to wait around polish to dry let's work your old better that is one good point - why the gel is better but not everybody might not have the lamp right ok so we'll let that dry okay i'm going to use the chrome one because it's the most dramatic for the visual see this works with this now i'm going to try this I don't know if it's going to be I don't want to go get it

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