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Fix Short Bitten Nails with Acrylic

Nail Art Designs . I started doing videos everyone's always requested me to do nails that are bitten short nails so that's what I'm going to do today on my friend read his nails are disgusting which is great for ice is bad for him but we're gonna get these babies all fixed up let's get started so with these nails the first thing we want to do is push back the cuticles we want as much nail as possible to be revealed to put the acrylic on so it can get here I call it nail estate it's like real estate right but it's on the nail so the cookies for little things have you ever pushed his background 19:19 oh yes okay that's a start ok so when you push them back wow I'm really let me know if it hurts sooo that's the thing about al Leiter's it doesn't take hold you right now but he was alive I'm so sorry well look at all that excess cuticle now that we just really don't want on there honestly if we put the product right on top of there without doing this all this will lift around here so we do want to remove as much of this as possible but you can see look at all that dead cuticle so we're gonna have to cut that all the way out if it hurts just grin and bear it.

I got a job to do okay this one's not so bad you must choose this way before you got here you go sir does that hurt yeah that Franco heat second it's not it's i can remember this is what they want now butters are usually really tough because they like there's you know the time top and a little bit of a baby that's a perfect word for me propriate were tough on over all that notices the way that one is really bad grandpa this is like that you're writing finger no I just gotta know that those ones generally have like the best snails to fight like we're talking about male estate that tested you just go to town and that is going to be so now my nails is a sign of a professional did you know that scene sounds about right you got some problems it's just a little excess this time to really push this back is when you get out of the shower if you care you know i'm just going to tell you right now I'm not going to do that but.

I fire I admire your optimism here at this let's go Thank You least you're honest okay so this is going to be the best grant snails have ever looked apparently not going to prison that now again it's only really optimum when you're trying to get as much nailed the state as possible and that's what we were able to accomplish with that look at that there's much more nail the more nail for the acrylic to hang on to the more like they're going to hang on there's not too much cut back on this one and you don't you just come back the dead stuff you don't want to get too crazy and cut back too far cuticles very important part of our nail i've got a video on this actually check that everyone totally get a preparation of the natural nail so once I've done this I'm now going to buff and press the natural nail acrylic ok so now i'm going to buff the surface of grants now I'm going to put this drill a really really low speed and i'm using the arbor man these are bands are really really really soft yeah I'm going to buff the surface of his natural name see such as fuck if you do i give you ever had this done in court I recruited grant because I knew he bit his nails and I knew he'd be perfect for this okay so that's all i'm doing is just gently buffing the surface of the National we will have a drill you can use a file about 150 180 180 crypto be better you just want to love every little bit of that natural nail yeah don't go around this a little bit of drill drilling techniques don't going on this angle what you want to go more of a flattering angle you don't want to dig in tip like that you want to go more flattered.

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I will you both hands for you so you're not walking out of here with one hand they'll still let out it was right it might be a new look though we don't know what you mean i like it i'm teaching students stuff a lot of my students will go like this and wipe away don't do that are you taking the oils from your hand and putting it back onto the nail plate and we don't want to do that we want to keep it really very loyal free ok tickle no I just didn't know that when you mention is it was just interesting i just didn't know that every I'm gonna you know i'm giving you free info here and pretend they all ready yeah Oh sparkles in here you don't mind sparkle to do ok now we're going to put the prep on i'm actually using a new line i found in vegas it's max Estrada's email couture line and it's not only adorably packaged but it's quite a nice line so I'm going to be using that today I'm just going to put the prep on gently and this is just for the ph balance and to remove any dust and to cleanse the nail so that's really an important step when that line that you're using the system acrylic system has that it is advisable to use it because they are meant to be working together and this is the primer first I've seen a primer in a bottle that's clear usually it's like a brown and ask him why he did that must be a very very gentle primer and i'm just going to gently painted on each and every no i'm not going to charge you extra for this glitter all thank you some next on the house today one dip of the brush in here doesn't it yeah ok so the trick in this really is all about the form forming these is the trick if you mess this up it really could be a disaster so we're gonna walk through this i'm using Max's forms the adorable look at all this pink going on and they're actually cut for the problem of to the little ears cut in there like that he's actually designed it where he's got this in there so that can help situations like this so I'll show you what.

I'm talking about hope they can explain this when you sit a forum on top of let's say the worst one here is this the thumb is actually really good these fingers that the worst to do not much on that one not as much you just much on maybe these 10 favorites yeah better better nail straight take a turn yeah I do okay fuck it the tough thing about doing nails that are super super short it's not so much here that is the problem if you can see how the skin to exaggerate a little bit if I can bring the skin up over you see how it kind of does that the nails actually let press down inside of it it's not exposed as much of a poll to pull back the finger it exposes the nail a little bit more but it's really really tough because the nail is down the sides and the sides are so important because the side needs to come out but it's really hard when the finger is kind of holding over like that so my natural instincts I want to form it like here which looks odd of course when you're used to forming right up to the free edge but this feels better because when.

I join this area to the free edge it's going to flow fluently and the forum is down but unfortunately you don't really want to take these products and put them over top of the skin which makes this problem even harder that you can do it and it's only a one time deal you can do it but it's not really technically correct so you don't want to put the product on top of the skin because this the product will still care about 48 hours so you don't want to actually sitting on top of the skin it's a natural place to want to put it but technically we're not supposed to do that so you do want to keep the form in between the product in the skin so the best way to do that is to get a pair of scissors and just sort of custom cut your form so it fits the person's finger a little bit better so in this case I'm going to cut out this area here i'm going to match it up and see if it is happier see that's a little bit better see how is right up against now it can be a little harder to get it out - so a little trick I'm going to do is take a little bit of powder maybe because what I'm going to have to do is wriggle this form out of there but if it's a sticky side down on grants finger then it might be harder to get it out so I'm just going to take a little bit of powder just to make it

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