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5 Easy Nail Art Designs for SHORT NAILS

Nail Art Designs 2016 . well hollow everyone it's me Christine again and today is the day where i live up to a promise that I made almost a month ago last month that gave you some ideas for short nails hollow sexual part 1 but at the same time when I filmed them i also filmed around two so it's your lucky day especially for those who have yet to discover their hollow sexuality so why don't you grab a snack mix yourself a Shirley Temple subscribe to my channel before you forget and maybe grab some hollow and paint your nails will you settle in 45 potentially easy nail art designs for short nails hollow sexuals if you're really new here and you don't know what the hell I've been saying so far hollow means holographic it just means rainbows that shift different colors and different legs it is love it is like live breathe hollow ok so brief backstory a while ago.

I broke my nail in a tragic workplace accident when I was forced to file them down and make them all the same size but that's okay no worries short nail people can have equally amazing nail arts as long as people it's all about equality first step let's do this really easy heart cyclone design with a nice pink color glitter underneath yes that baby pink hollow glitter is my cats nail polish shameless kidding self-promotion right.

Now I'm just sponging on the hollow glitter with a makeup sponge to make it more opaque when i'm done i had a nice thick coat of quick-dry glossy taco that's top coat for those who don't speak simply no logic list yet and let it dry for a good 15 to 20 minutes because we're gonna add now by knows next one of the easiest ways to do nail art for long or short nails is to use nail vinyls like these i'm using some super cute many hearts cyclone vinyls i put the link below in the video description box and they actually come in two different sizes so i'm using the slightly smaller size because i have smaller nails right now you can do the same thing with my cat head vinyls then she made those 2-star vinyls also come in different sizes as do circular-shaped cyclone vinyls there are so many possibilities of now finals honestly like why bother freehanding with these great inventions all you gotta do is press it firmly down on the nail and then paint on your second color the number one question I get when I'm doing this is are you supposed to let the nail polish dry before you peel up the fun and the answer is no god no do not let that happen in order to get a clean fresh edge of the design you gotta peel up the vinyl well the nail polish is still wet so don't waste any time after painting on the nail polish peel up that shit right away and pro tip the cyclone vinyls are my favorite ones to peel off add a glossy taco to seal everything in and also smooth out the different layers of nail polish you got going on and there you go beautiful Hollow has my heart how fitting the next design is super easy it does not involve nail finals and it's called the waterfall design i'm starting off with one coat of my current favorite black friend polish it's a one coat wonder it is amazing i put the link below for this polish as well as every other polish i'm using this video down below in the video description box so basically for this define you just take a bunch of different random assorted colors that you think look good together I'm putting mine on yo girl it take a very thin striping nail art brush and then you're going to start striping each color one by one in very thin line starting at the cuticle and just bleeding a little bit up so that way it kind of looks like waterfall and i'm pretty sure that the waterfall concept and name was coined by the nail a source she's a nail art blogger maybe three or four years ago or maybe more I'm not sure you can go back and brighten up some of the colors if you feel like you need to and for anyone asking i clean my brushes in between each color using straight acetone and I rinse it off with water well that's a lie i don't always rinse it off with water i'm lazy but you should yeah you should do it properly the next design is one of my personal favorites because it's so simple to do but it looks cool as some of my super long time hollow sexual they recognize this design from almost a year and a half ago first i'm just applying a white creme polish to use of the base color you could use any color for any of these designs of course substitute as you wish next I'm adding a quick dry glossy taco which is key because we're gonna let that dry and we're gonna add now finals next yeah so much nostalgia in this video next we're going to use some long pointy triangle nail finals and the shape of these does matter you can't just use stripe now vinyls you'll see why if you put down three beside each other and then pull out the middle one push them down so they're stuck firmly on the nail you've got three triangles that are the exact same size take whatever color hollow you want it's gotta be hollow am i right still in the middle triangle and the spots around the side of the mail heel off those vinyls right away don't waste time now peel them right away Lucy how did that happen no worry clean up brush with a tiny bit of acetone to the rescue.
And on the sides of my nail because yes i was hard to put nail polish there and not getting your cuticle ok now you're going to add another glossy taco on top of this because we got to let this dry and put nail vinyls on again now we're taking the exact same size and shape triangle nail finals putting them on top of the white spots oh there's a mentee hair press them down firmly on the nail because now we're going to sponge on some iridescent color shift in unicorn skin flakies this is why unicorns have gone extinct okay because we skinned them all in the name of nail polish i'm using a makeup sponge just like i did with the glitter to sponge on the flaky so that i get more flakies on top of my nail polish give me all the skins I want all of Charlie skins when you're done peel off the nail vinyls for the last time pushover any flakies if you need to and that's it add a nice thick coat of glossy taco again to steal it all in am your nails look fangirl next step we're going to do a cute little peekaboo hollow glitter but with a flag kind of symbol on it and I don't know what country's flag is this i'm jealous for using one of my favorite aqua blue holographic glitter polishes putting out a sponge to get the most out of it yeah spending it on my pinky for maximum glitter pay off then I'm going to add a quick dry glossy taco let dry because i can't can you guess what i'm going to do next let me hear you say it out loud you set it in your head didn't you i'm just using some skinny stripes now vinyls to kind of make an X pattern or a plus sign depends on how you look at it and I'm using some crème polishes to fill in opposing sides of whatever pattern this is because i don't know if that the contrast of crème vs hollow with cool peel up the nail vinyls well the nail polish is still wet and do any cleanup if necessary then seal it and finish it off with another glossy taco and you're done and last but not least well maybe least he'll know if I really like this you guys like this is a distressed holographic foil look on my thumbnail how about my youtube thumbnail my actual thumbnail i started off with a base of aqua teal linear hollow it is my life.

I want to go swimming in it and I got some really cool rainbow holographic foil so we're going to play with that get any foil glue though if you want to start playing with nail foils you can usually buy it at the same place that you get the nail foils I put a link down below for both those using just a little bit of foil glue on the brush I'm doing kind of a distressed drybrushing pattern you only need to let it dry for maybe a minute don't let her wait too long it just needs to be a bit tacky then press the foil directly on top of the nail and lift it up quickly and you can do it multiple times on different spots of the nail to get kind of a more distressed look going on the only downside though to using metallic foils is that you can't put a quick dry glossy taco on top so i have to use a water-based topcoats on top of this which are much harder to come by which aren't shiny and which definitely do not dry as quick and there we have it 5 pretty damn awesome if I do say so myself nail art design ideas for short nails Allah sexual i definitely love seeing your guys's be creation so if you do one of these designs don't forget to tag me on twitter so i can see or if you're more of an Instagram kind of person and you make video tutorials on there you can use my Instagram feature account hashtag that's simply not logical because I go through those hashtags and share other people's awesome videos I know my nails may not be bad short for the definition of short nails but i really feel these designs can be done on any length including shorter than mine are currently in this video well guys are you seeing that you seeing the hollow oil reflection in my eyes I mean my nails I mean what alright guys if you're new here and you're really like the hollow you're seeing on this channel so far then you should subscribe right now and join the hollow sexual kingdom i also have a very special announcement

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