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How To: Natural Nail Manicure

Nail Art Designs . i've had many people ask me about how to prepare natural nail how to take care of your natural nails i'm going to show you a few great tips on how to take care of your natural nails let's get started so Katie your natural nails are actually pretty long before i begin any service i have the client wash their hand you just send them to the washing with a little scrub brush and some soap and water and they can wash their head the reason we do that is because if you don't watch their hands when you start working on them all you're going to do is spread all the germs around that they have all over their fingers so by Washington first helps prevent that ok so the first thing i do when i'm doing natural nails is I push the cuticle back so there's two things you can do it with so that's a wooden cuticle pusher and you can also use a metal implement and if you look on the metal instrument at the opposite end is kind of the shape that might just fit right into your cuticl.

If you use a metal implements you just want to be careful because you it's really easy to scrape and scratch the natural nail be pressed too hard it's effective because you can get in there with all this stuff but a wooden cuticle stick is much softer and much more gentle on the natural nail so the first thing i do is I'm going to start pushing now this is a misconception a lot of people call this area around the finger the base and finger the cuticle when in fact it's called be ready now people medium so you can see when you push back the cuticles and the people medium you can see the white stuff so the remaining is that organic sticky stuff that's stuck on the finger that's actually the stickiest tissue on the human body just a little FYI so when you push that back.

You can see to see that white stuff and then some will get the sharp mentally . and is sort of scrape that off a little bit the reason why that's important for it to come off if you don't take it off when you go to do your polish application then it will interfere with the adhesion big time and you don't want that especially when we're doing acrylic or and nail enhancements this has to be removed as well so we can actually make the nail enhancements it here if it's not removed as a good chance you're going to get some lifting which is mad don't want that so sticking to the natural nails this is what we're doing you can start to see it coming off now if you get a good close look at that this is all the dead tissue cuticle is dead tissue it is not live and the reason why that's important the evil Nick IAM right around this base here this is the skin that covers the root of the nail that's important because if that is broken or split or cracked or torn that can allow infection into the rest of the body so we want to make sure that that's all completely intact so if you're taking a pair of sharp nippers like these if you take a pair of these nippers and cut around the people Nick IAM near the old cuticle you just don't want to cut the evil Nick IAM because you don't want to have any contamination into her finger at all the other funny word is the hypo Nicki I'm hoping I'm saying it right I can spell them I just get six pack Nicodemus underneath here and that's the very tender skin it's underneath the finger here and that can be really really super tender that's right under there you got the hypo Nicki in there and the equal Nicki marooned here but we are just simply pushing it all back and revealing this cuticle area and getting rid of all this white stuff what about hangnails who could question kids what happens with hangnails is if you push your cuticles back you will pretty much eliminate emails you know for years I did I started doing acrylic when i started doing this and it was a few years later I realized why don't I have any hangnails it's because when you do the acrylic all the time every month the the cuticles getting pushed back to put the enhancement in there for hangouts go away now you used to wear acrylic yeah you probably noticed that you didn't exactly exactly yeah all the time yeah so now you've gone all natural and do you experience an email sometimes a little bit more definitely love gonna do it for sure yeah and the best time to push back your cuticles.

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When you just come out of the shower because that's when it's softened right and there's things you can get for that you can get these products so these are cuticle softeners and you want to you can just actually you have really great cuticles Katie they're not really i'm hard some people are so hard to get really yeah and it's like something bad and those are probably people that don't really push back the cuticles I don't yes exactly so this stuff you can actually just put a little bit on the cuticle and you can just leave it the cuticle softener you can put in all the cuticles let that sit for a minute and it will actually soften the cuticles so then it's much much easier to push back ok so we can do that and the reason why pushing back the cuticles is important too especially in a manicure to eliminate the hang nails clean up the nail and if you're putting polish on you really want a nice clean area i call it real estate lots of clean real estate there and the more you get the better because then the nail looks longer and more slim line and sleek and all that kind of good stuff then you can read when you put the polish on you can make a really nice smooth if you don't remove it if you put polish on top of that goes oh my god always dreadful just dreadful so you can use this and like I say this implement here you just want to be really gentle with it and you can use this one too because you can see how sharp it is you want to be very gentle with it when you're scraping the natural nail ok so that's taking care of the cuticles so when it comes to filing the natural nail just put my little things away you can get some files here because these are natural nails when i'm doing acrylic of course i will use the course and that's more of a hundred hundred grit and then there is the medium but I want to find because these are natural nails right I just put myself anyway so Katie's you've got really great natural nails so I'm just going to file a little bit just to just you want to reshape somebody's natural nails over yourself you want to just shape up your natural so they all look the same Katie's are pretty good you do manicure them off thank you filed and oh yeah and then with a really crazy so the best way when you're finally natural nails is just to go one way yeah because they are made of a cross weave so if you go back and forth like that you're gonna fray it just like a pair of jeans if you cut a pair of jeans and there's no cement it'll just for it so by going to one way you're not so either way but just make sure you go one way and you want a nice soft file because of course when will just rip that thing you don't want to do that also - here's a little tip it everybody thinks that the Oval is more of a natural shape when in fact this shape you have here kitty is actually much more natural and the way.

I learned that whenever a new baby is born a friend in the family I will take a look at the baby's fingers first and every single time baby's nails growing like this they grow in square actually Instagram that because it baby came in the shop and i wanted to post the nails on it we're just you know she was only a day or two old woman left the hospital within 12 hours i think so the baby was brand-new and the nails were untouched and just as they came out of the womb they were just perfectly square so that's all natural nails are shaped so once I shape all the nails up I've scraped away all the dead cuticle I've made the Nelsons some people have very rich emails and as people age you can see that there be more Richie so if you get somebody with that it's very tempting to take a file and just file the surface and get rid of all those ridges but you don't want to do that because those ridges the high point of the ridge are as thick as what the mail should be the low point is the thin . so if you file / thick ridges to match down that the low points and make it nice and smooth beautiful it's so thin as it starts growing out it'll split like crazy and drive your client crazy or yourself so don't do that what you want to do is you want to get a ridge filler I just picked this one up and literally this stuff is great you just take it will settle in the ridges it's not like them like it says fiber eyes dredge filler so they make the fridge filter specifically in a news or a pinkish tone so when you paint it on this fiber eyes rich fellow will settle in between those ridges and create a very very smooth look ready for polish so that's how you wanna prepare before polish ok you put a base coat on his own okay you don't have to if you're using the rich filler that's a good question k I would only put a base coat on if you were doing like a strong color like red or brick color the color red or black or something that would stain the mail right light colors does still state that's a great question so Katie doesn't have many ridges but you can see how smooth that makes it it's almost drawing in a Mad fashion so when you're finishing a nail you can put color on katie is very natural as you can see she's very natural beautiful girl 

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