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♥ ♥ surviving a narcissist support – leaving a histrionic man with narcissism

♥ ♥ surviving a narcissist support - leaving a histrionic man with narcissismClick Image To Try It Today1. Does he act out in verbally aggressive behaviors, or does he have ‘rages’, especially if he feels he has been insulted in some way? Does he blame ‘you’ or accuse you of being the one that is ‘acting out’ or ‘out-of-control’?

5. Is everything always about him and is nothing ever about you? Does he seem insensitive to your needs, unappreciative of your input, or non-acknowledging of your accomplishments? Does he not recognize your giving, kindness, and thoughtfulness? Does he seem genuinely not interested in your life?

7. Does he show one side (Dr. Jekyll) to the public (a perfected persona which you know is fake), and another side (Mr. Hyde) to you in private? Does he go out of his way to impress people? 8. Does his ego bruise easily, or is he hyper-vigilant to the slightest insult? Do you have to be careful how you word things or voice grievances? 9. Does he expect special treatment or feel he is ‘entitled’ to it? 10. Does he talk about himself more than you feel is normal? 11. Does he avoid eye contact with you, or does he withhold sex or affection? Has he been unfaithful?

12. Does he seem to lack empathy or compassion for others, or does he ‘fake’ it to enhance his ‘public persona’? 13. Do you feel emotionally battered and confused?

15. Is he histrionic? In other words, in public does he hog the limelight, putting on exaggerated shows and telling fascinating stories of himself in order to be the center of attraction? Is he loud or does he act like he is on stage when engaging in simple conversations with other people?

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