Sabtu, 30 Januari 2016

Brainwave Entrainment – Healing Music CD and MP3

Brainwave Entrainment - Healing Music CD and MP3Click Image To Try It TodayFrom the discovery that listening to Mozart can raise your IQ to clinical trials showing that music can improve your memory, regulate vital signs like your heart rate and blood pressure, and direct your mental and physical energy levels throughout the day, science continues to reveal music’s ability to significantly affect us in our daily lives…

Chapter 1: EnergizeChapter 2: RelaxChapter 3: FocusChapter 4: CreateChapter 5: UpliftChapter 6: HealChapter 7: Cleanse

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You can avoid the hassles of downloading and unzipping by ordering the Unexplainable Store’s Recordings on CD. Delivered right to your door and ready to play on any CD player or computer. They make great gifts and they are encoded with PURE 44100 Hz sample rate for high Quality and Easy Listening…. Read more…

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