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Ultimate Athleticism – Zero to Hero Guide to Strength, Health, & Flexibility

Ultimate Athleticism - Zero to Hero Guide to Strength, Health, & FlexibilityClick Image To Try It TodayDo you want it all? To be strong, lean, flexible, athletic, and ready for anything life can throw at you?

My name is Max Shank, and my job is to help people get better every day. But it took me years to earn this privilege.

In fact, when I was 18, I was unable to do a single pullup or bench press 95 pounds–and worse, I couldn’t even come close to touching my toes. Truth be told I was a rather pathetic excuse for a man; weak and riddled with sore, stiff, inflexible joints.

I knew that I needed to make a change, so I tried everything. Over the last 10 years Iâve tried tons of different training methodologies including, but not limited to, Crossfit, Kettlebells, Bodybuilding, and Powerlifting â without a single method getting me the results I truly wanted.

I am competitive and do not accept anything below excellence in my endeavors. My good friend Brian once said in reference to my competitiveness that, "Max would beat a six-year-old at tea parties."

Guilty as charged, but this unquenchable thirst to be the best at everything is what helped me find out what movements, philosophies, and training styles have the highest carryover to other activitiesâallowing me to finally have it all.

In the past 5 years I have excelled in competition at several very different sports, largely due to overall athleticism. From Muay Thai, and Jiu Jitsu to Highland Games World Championships, this has been a product of smart training and planning. This success has allowed me to travel the world to teach other coaches and athletes how to do the same.

The key is that I havenât married myself to one training methodology or philosophy. Itâs been a Bruce Lee experience.

Itâs about changing the… Read more…

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