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The Speed Encyclopedia

The Speed EncyclopediaClick Image To Try It Today"I recently got my hands on a book that I personally think will take speed training to a new level. Travis Hansen hit a home run with his book called “The Speed Encyclopedia!" Lee Taft – World Renowned Speed Coach

"The Speed Encyclopedia is a great resource for athletes and coaches. It provides everything one would need to increase speed. Travis does a great job at bridging the gap between theory and application. He explains in great detail exactly what and why things work, then shows you in great detail how to apply it.” Kelly Baggett – World famous Performance Enhancement Coach

"The Speed Encyclopedia is a comprehensive book on all things relating to speed that every Strength & Conditioning Coach should have at their disposal. Travis has left no stone unturned in his research to provide The Speed Encyclopedia!" Shawn Windle – Indiana Pacers Head Strength and Conditioning Coach – 2012 NBA Strengthcoach of the year

"Travis Hansen has written a book, The Speed Encyclopedia that is just that! Every aspect of speed improvement from proper mechanics to strength training to nutrition and body composition is thoroughly addressed. A must read for any athlete who wants to get faster or coach whose training them!" Dan Dalrymple – New Orleans Saints Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

Skylar Schroeder Skylar was a much slower and skinnier version of himself now a year and a half ago. He had decent speed at a high school level when he first started. He ran a fully electronic 5.24 second 40 yard dash. Flash forward a year and a half later and Skylar has solid collegiate level acceleration by recording a 4.74 second 40. He gained 30 lbs. of muscle, and put 8 inches on his vertical jump as well. He was relentless and stuck with the program week… Read more…

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