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FX NonStop Robot by Anna Monti

FX NonStop Robot by Anna MontiClick Image To Try It TodayForex trading is very tough but is not impossible. And I’m here to prove it. Just give me few more minutes.

Please check the following screenshot: it shows the latest results of Forex Non-Stop Robot performance.

As you can see, since Monday, that means just for 3 days, it made $2020.15!!! In fully auto-mode, without touching the mouse.

That also means that from a launch day (which was on Tuesday, November 24) – the result is also positive – $1383.77!!!

The SPECIAL (2 licenses) offer is still available but the copies are sold crazily… Read the details of the offer below.

Our Expert Advisor determines the best entry points with the help of horizontal lines. Level trading allows you to risk less while entering the market as those levels frequently turn to be extreme points. That is subsequently gives the opportunity to set a shorter Stop Loss. Also the signals are defined by an inbuilt trend filter and such indicators as Stochastic Oscillator and Relative Strength Index.

We chose popular currency pairs – EURUSD and USDJPY. These currencies are more volatile. One more important point is that most brokers offer favorable spread and swap conditions exactly for these pairs. These both major pairs are the most accessible and convenient pairs to trade both for beginners and experienced traders. The best quality of the majors is that they are the most stable and predictable as the economic and financial situation in the developed countries is comparatively stable. They are the most traded pairs for a reason.

The advantages of majors have a distinctive correlation with the trading volume of each pair – the bigger the volume the higher the liquidity, the lower the spreads (on average 2-3 pips for the top majors).

We chose the combination of such settings that… Read more…

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