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The BRP – BulimiaRecovery Site

The BRP - BulimiaRecovery SiteClick Image To Try It TodayI had been bulimic for 1/2 my life, but it had never been this bad. Bingeing on the train ride home from uni – and then throwing up into my empty chocolate milk bottle… It made me feel like a crazy person.

I felt like I was in too deep to ever make a full recovery… But despite this, I’d still go to bed every night and promise myself "Tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow I won’t binge and purge!" The next morning, I’d be plowing through the pantry and stopping at every store on the way to uni.

But… At the age of 21, I recovered from bulimia. And there’s only one way to explain recovery… It’s freedom.

This helped me learn how to eat normally again. It also gave my body and metabolism the chance to heal after years of abuse.

Self kindness helped me to push through the rough patches of recovery. It helped me to get up again after a slip. Self kindness helped me to turn criticism into curiosity so that I could learn from my mistakes.

Basically this meant re-wiring my brain. It was responsible for me forgetting how to be bulimic. Yes – I’ve forgotten… I can no longer get the feelings back of wanting to binge!

Support was like the glue in my recovery. It helped me stick with the 3 techniques long enough for them to work their magic.

I had tried to fight bulimia alone countless times before. But it was only when I had support that I began making real progress. It took the battle out of my head and into a place where I could talk it through rationally.

After my recovery 7 years ago I started helping other women beat bulimia. After seeing these techniques work time and… Read more…

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