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Massage Your Date - How To Give Women A Massage - Powered By ClickBank - X & Y CommunicationsClick Image To Try It TodayFrom The Desk Of:  Trace Loft, Professional Massage Therapist Subject:  The Secret To More Naked Women In Your Life

“Aww…poor baby. Now, why would I do something like that?” she said with a pout…punctuated by a naughty giggle, followed yet again by another “mmmMMMmmm”.

She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as my “magic” fingertips systematically explored her body.

Fair question. After all, I hadn’t so much as been on a date for weeks, let alone had a girl that hot completely under my spell.

Well, it had all started with a chance conversation by the mailboxes at my apartment complex. I made a simple offer to rub her shoulders after she’d mentioned what a rough day she’d had at work.

…the blue-eyed girl from two doors down who I’d been secretly drooling over from afar for MONTHS–face down on my bed, having surrendered completely to me.

Once she was relaxed she had lifted up the back of her shirt, openly indicating that massaging her back over her clothes was simply not good enough.

A minute later she rolled down the beltline of her jeans so I could access her lumbar region more easily. I couldn’t help but notice she had those sexy dimples on her lower back.

But just when I thought I’d already hit the jackpot, that’s when she uttered the words that truly blew my mind:

After a little pause loaded with that delicious tension women seem to live for, she looked over her shoulder at me with those unmistakable cat-like bedroom eyes and purred, “Besides, it’s getting kinda hot in here.”

It was all I could do to keep my composure. In a flash, the sexiest woman I had seen—let… Read more…

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