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Ultimate Fire Rescue Athlete Workout – Fire Chief Health Fitness

Ultimate Fire Rescue Athlete Workout - Fire Chief Health FitnessClick Image To Try It Today– It all starts with this program. The foundations program was created to help Firefighters, EMTs, and Paramedics lose extra pounds, get stronger, get leaner and be a better Fire Rescue Athlete. This is a comprehensive 12-week program that includes:

Do your turnouts fit a little “tighter” these days?  The Rapid Fat Loss for Firefighters program was designed for those Fire Rescue Athletes that want to get leaner and stronger in only 6 weeks.  This is a “spin off” of the highly successful FRF Ultimate Fire Rescue Athlete Workout Program (Click here for more information and testimonials about the program).  This comprehensive Fat Burning Program creatively integrates fire ground movements, crew workouts, 10-minute metabolic interval overhauls, challenge workouts and will get you stronger, leaner and more efficient on the fireground.  This program is intended for those Fire Rescue Athletes that have fallen off the fitness wagon and need an efficient plan to help get their turnouts and uniform fitting better.  The 6-week Rapid Fat Loss Program includes:

BONUS (If you order today) –The FRF Rapid Fat Loss Workout Gym Companion and Log Sheets (take these printable sheets to the gym or post in the firehouse)

BONUS #3 (If you order today) – The Standard Operating Procedures to Eating Lean in the Firehouse

BONUS (If you order today) –The FRF Chief’s Workout Gym Companion and Log Sheets BONUS #2 (If you order today) – The FRF Stretch and Recovery Manual

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