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Chakra Tapping –

Chakra Tapping - ChakraTapping.comClick Image To Try It TodayIndian Mysticism describes the Chakras as swirling energy centres that connect the subtle body to the physical, at certain points on the spine.

All the possible choices you can make are described in your Chakras. They form a network of potential life paths that you navigate as you live your life. When you come to make a big decision it sometimes feels like you are at a crossroads – that crossroads is somewhere in your chakra system.

Each path within the Chakras is one way. Once you make a choice it cannot be unmade – making what seems like the same choice later takes you down a different path. This means that every choice we make limits our future choices, so it’s important that we use all our wisdom when making choices.

Sometimes we consider our choices carefully – which university to go to, who to marry, whether or not to take a particular job. When we do this we are usually quite aware of what lies further along a particular path.

Sometimes, we don’t choose so carefully. Any time we make a choice or decision when we are angry, upset, or hurt, we make choices that take us down a particular path without caring what it will mean later on.

These are the choices that don’t even seem like choices but statements of obvious fact; "I’ll never love anyone again", "People mustn’t know what I really think", "I’ve had enough of THIS!".

Those choices seem to serve us at the time – they get us out of a bad situation. But then they come back to haunt us. The time comes when making an alternative choice would bring us what we want, but we can’t make it, in fact we don’t even know we have it, because we already made the choice in… Read more…

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