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Spellbound Formula

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Yes, this 60-day guarantee is for real! Mehow® Publishing was founded in 2006. Our primary mission is to provide real advice from authorities and experts in dating, love, and relationships. If you are unsatisfied with our programs for any reason, or you find that your relationship is beyond repair simply email or call our customer support within 60 days and we’ll issue a full refund, no questions asked.

“I’ve always thought that the guy should make the first move. Then after tons of failed relationships, I realized that was getting me the wrong guys because I was letting THEM pick ME. I wanted to be the one to pick, but how do you do that without coming off desperate or turning any decent guy off?”

“That’s where this program came in for me. I had seen all this stuff about pickup artists but I’ve never seen any directed toward girls. Well – here it is. This is my total bible on going out now. I feel I’m in total control for the first time. It’s an adrenaline rush talking to people now and seeing what happens. Plus, now I look around a room and I am able to immediately pick out the attractive men I want to meet. Honestly I’ve never felt so free when it comes to my love life! That gave me tons more confidence and men are falling all over me now. I’m making all my girlfriends read this book!”

“Mehow, this is brilliant! Your “ghost leading” technique has allowed me to find some really amazing guys and to ditch the boring ones (at last). I really didn’t… Read more…

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